My 2022 Must Have Womens Shoes!

My 2022 Must Have Womens Shoes!

Ready to look your best? Any of these shoes deserve a spot in your shoe rotation!

Everyday Combat Boot

If you dont have a pair of these womens shoes in your closet by now. You are insane! I used to work for luxury fashion retailers and boy, did I learn. I understand they come off as “too edgy” or maybe you just think you can’t pull them off. Believe me, you’re so wrong. These are as necessary as a your basic white tee shirt. I prefer to wear my combat boots with cute dresses. However, there are an abundance of ways you can style these babes! You can also wear them with some denim jeans, leggings, and skirts. They also go great with flannels and trench coats. Clearly, they pair well with just about anything in your wardrobe. Which is exactly why they are a MUST HAVE! 

Penny Loafers

If you don’t get yourself anything else on this list. You must get a pair of penny loafers! For starters penny loafers are one of the best classic and most versatile style of shoe. I love to wear mine with a stockings or socks. Blazers, white tees, jeans, dresses; penny loafers will give any outfit a classic, preppy look! They’re a super easy-to- wear style that can be worn for a wide range of dress codes and occasions.

Gladiator Sandals

These sandals are timeless! I’ve been obsessed with just about any knee-high gladiator sandal. They give simple outfits some sexy bohemian flare. Or an extra layer of fabulousness to an already exquisite outfit. The ankle version is just as cute if you plan on spicing up your work attire, brunch date outfit, or plan on shopping but need something cute and comfortable. In the past I’ve worn my gladiators with rompers, dresses and even shorts!

Tall Riding Boots

Tall riding boots are a necessity. Particularly, because they can flatter every woman’s leg shape. Whether you’ve got a wider calf or smaller. Tall riding boots never got out of style and they last years. They don’t have to be expensive; you can pay a reasonable price for a pair that will last. If you need help finding the right boot – don’t hesitate. Feel free to ask your fashion advisor for some assistance.

Kitten Heel

To clarify, I feel so bad if you don’t own a pair of kitten heels yet. But that’s why I’m here. Yes, we’ve been trained to assume a low heel is for an older woman. No, no, no! Kitten heels are typically no more than 2 inches. That means all day comfortability and no bunions ladies. Kitten heels are one of my personal favorites because we can wear a lower heel, be fashionable and comfortable at the same time! Next time you go to your favorite luxury store, ask your fashion advisor to direct you toward them! Just try a pair on and see how you feel. This heel is perfect, regardless of the occasion. Guarantee these will be your new favorite heel. 

Platform Heels

Notably, most will assume; they’re so chunky, tall, and intimidating, right? Wrong. Did you know that platforms are closer to the more comfortable side? As far as higher heels. Now, I wouldn’t suggest turning a platform into your new everyday shoe. For this reason, if you find yourself with a pair of long jeans; that no other shoe in your closet will support, these are for that problem. A pair of socks and a blazer will always be a great way to add your own twist to your look. Indeed, platform heels also pair great with elegant dresses or long skirts.

Unique Heel

I mean come on. Who in the world doesn’t want some swag that they know no one else will have? I promise they aren’t hard to walk in either, very comfortable for something that doesn’t look possible. These heels here are perfect for the women who desperately craves uniqueness. I know about your secret shopping stash. Add it to the collection, it can be our secret.

Platform Sandals

Above all, in case you ladies haven’t realized by now, more than being cute, comfortability is literally the most important factor; whenever I go shoe shopping. Imagine hugging a bear but with your feet, they’re so snug! Typically, I’d wear these because I don’t want to try too hard. Shackets and tube dresses are my go-to as far as pairing. In the event of you not liking a heavy shoe, they tend to be on the heavier side. That isn’t a major factor for most so, be sure to keep that in mind when purchasing. I love the height they provide! To all my fellow short gals, get a pair of these bad boys! Wear them just about anywhere, embrace your inner 90’s glamour!

Over The Knee Heels

First, consider your everyday life. Are you from NYC and do a ton a walking? Maybe consider an over the knee boot that doesn’t have the highest heel. Maybe you live in Massachusetts, and you need a nice inner lining of some faux fur. Are you from Miami where it rains a lot, and you need a pair that are waterproof. Equally important, you need to do a bit of homework because these are different from tall riding boots. To me, over the knee heels are statement pieces. Normally, I’ll get plain riding boots. My thigh highs though… Oh, I crave texture, print, color, anything that triggers my brain to say, yes these!

Cowgirl Boots

First, I’ve never been the type to follow a trend. I am the trend setter. Second, believe me when I say you are missing out if you don’t already own a pair of cowgirl boots. Don’t let your comfort zone hold you back from becoming your inner fashionista! Cowgirl boots are a great way to spice up your shoe collection. In addition, these. boots are very versatile in a way that allows you to be able to wear – regardless of rain or shine. Third, not only are they shockingly comfortable but they’re one of kind. I love to wear them with sweaters, dresses, and blazers. I doubt they will ever go out of style. Guaranteeing you stand out, all while collecting a ton of compliments.

High-Top Sneakers

I am a million percent sure we all have a ton of sneakers in our closet. For instance, do you have a high-top pair? Low-top sneakers are everyone’s go to, but I love the street style a high-top sneaker ignites. Your cute black dress, airy pants, blazer, or skirts will now transform into Japanese street fashion. Furthermore, there’s something about lacing up my high-top sneakers that is just, arousing.

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