Monfrére Previews New Fall/Winter Collection

Monfrére Previews New Fall/Winter Collection

This week, Los Angeles-made brand Monfrére released their new Fall/Winter 2022 collection.

Monfrére, meaning “my brother”, pays homage to the close bond between founders Sean Rudes and Steven Dann. Both designers have successful fashion careers and co-founded the brand over their love for denim. Their vision for the brand is to create something new and never done before with the day-to-night wearability of their pieces.

This collection features many experiments and nuanced takes on denim and menswear. The collection plays with tie-dye, velvet, suede, and coated looks alongside traditional denim to transform the wearability of jeans. The designers said in an interview that “this collection, and our brand, focuses on evoking emotion for the audience as it does for us,”. When talking about the creative process behind the design. The designers said the challenge of designing denim to fit trendy materials such as velvet and suede to transform jeans in an interesting and modern way. The collection ranges from light-wash denim, traditional shades of denim, grey, coated denim, black, white, maroon, brown, and different patterned tie-dye which expands the versatility of denim to another level.

Furthermore, Rudes and Dann described their desire to create denim and menswear that is perfectly tailored to the individual. The pieces range from skinny fit to slightly looser fit pants such as their cargo pants and joggers. The tailored yet comfortable fit of the pieces is another aspect that gives Monfrére that step up from other brands. With the aim for their pieces to fit the ‘regular man’, Monfrére successfully mastered the balance between looks and function. Not only are the pieces in this collection cleverly designed through pattern, color, and attention to detail add a level of sophistication and luxury.

Monfrére has become a brand synonymous with high-quality pieces, nuanced fits, and creative experimentations with design and fabrics. This high class of denim reflects the hard work and creative expertise of both Sean Rudes and Steven Dann. Their creativity in launching a brand to resonate with the everyday individual is an inspiring clientele for luxury designers.

Check out Monfrére’s new collection, individual pieces and ready-to-wear, on,,, and more top retailers.

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