Label of the Week, SVILU.

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SVILU is an eco-friendly NYC based label worth knowing. Founded by Britt Cosgrove and Maria Polo in 2012, Cosgrove and Polo strived to create a brand that could reflect their sustainable lifestyles and their own ethical values. The name, SVILU, is derived from the Italian word sviluppo meaning, “development”. To its founders, this means to create something new.

“What we’re doing is sort of a developmental work in progress. It’s not something that’s established at this point but we’re working parallel with sustainability, growing and trying new things.”

The concept behind their brand was to create something timeless that was ethically made and suitable for their daily lives. Their designs feature tailored loose silhouettes that blur the line between feminine and masculine shapes with a strong focus on comfort and style. SVILU offers minimalistic modern staples for an everyday wardrobe made from recycled materials or organic cotton. The driving force behind the label was that everything that goes in it has to be mindfully made and that their business continues to maintain a level of transparency to their customer with ethical labor practices and certified organic textile usage.



“We want to be able to do fashion better.”

“Sustainability is all about doing something that’s been done for years and years in a better way – a way that’s going to be more long-term and more effective.”

SVILU’s founders are said to always be researching for other creative methods of reducing their impact on the earth while maintaining integrity through their work. In the future, Cosgrove and Polo claim they’d like to extend their line into offering areas such as accessories, organic basics, and underwear. SVILU’s F/W 2016 collection is available for purchase here.

Photos: SVILU.


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