Introducing: BUREAU DE STIL

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Bureau de Stil is designer Ben Taverniti’s newest brand.  Departing from industry expectations, Taverniti has traded in the slinky and sexy silhouettes he popularized in the aughts and teens for a more streamlined, sharp, and sophisticated collection. At the brand’s first show during Paris Fashion Week, Taverniti shared that “I’m sure people [were] expecting a 2.0 version of what I have done. I wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case.”


It’s almost as if Taverniti is designing for the Unravel woman who is now grown up; the wide-leg and high-waisted trousers are a complete 180 from the low-rise snug denim that launched him into notoriety. His left-coast tendencies aren’t invisible, just refined, exemplified by this tie-dye silk jacquard blazer and matching trousers.
His denim practice coming from work at Hudson Jeans helped Taverniti come out with a line of “sustainable” denim– one that could be dyed with natural pigments and wouldn’t require an extensive/costly washing process — as a part of his AW20 Paris launch for Bureau de Stil. 


Bureau de Stil is heavily inspired by urban spaces and architectural structures, evening paying homage to the shapes found at Taverniti’s studio located on Sunset Blvd. Since moving to Los Angeles 12 years ago, Taverniti has fallen in love with the city, and this collection is his love letter. 
With the exception of the leathers and denims, the garments are entirely produced in Florence and sourced from the finest cashmeres, wools, and silks. Taverniti has recently pivoted to working on mask production, but is also gearing up to debut his first menswear collection. If it’s anything like the androgynous first collection, it won’t last long in your boyfriend’s closet before you’re borrowing it for your own needs (sharing is caring!). 
We’ve been building out the LA and Paris communities that align with the brand most. Even though Bureau has barely launched, we have big plans to collaborate with iconic stylists to further include the community in the design and creation process. 

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Introducing: BUREAU DE STIL