IN EARNEST Fall 2023 Collection Is a Depiction Of Female Heroism

IN EARNEST Fall 2023 Collection Is a Depiction Of Female Heroism

Byron Lars’ Fall 2023 collection is an assortment of medieval-like garments meant to empower the modern woman. IN EARNEST, the brand founded by Lars and collaborator Sheila Gray, is unafraid to mix fabrics and prints. The result is bold yet tasteful.

Clothing As Armor

The designs depict women as crusaders, with metallic arm cuffs, gilded boots, and headgear referencing armor from the Middle Ages. According to the designer, the collection is about “valiant femininity with clothes that harken to a kind of heroism…” in a time when women must fight for fundamentals, such as reproductive rights. The designer achieves a “tuff girlishness” through pairings such as a tweed skirt with a lace cami and chains, or a sequined skirt with a patterned lace top and leather gloves. Meanwhile, the pairing of lace corsets with culottes presents a modern twist on the aesthetic, while the adornment of silver crowns symbolizes empowerment. Lace-ups and leather boots embellished with rhinestones complete the outfits adding a feminine edge.

New Beginnings

Before beginning a partnership with Sheila Gray, Byron Earnest Lars worked independently. Lars saw the launch of his own sportswear label in 1991, which he dubs, “twisted American classics.” Even then, melanges of prints and materials were the designer’s forte. A partnership with Gray was the result of the newly established brand, “IN EARNEST.” The dictionary defines this as “occurring to a greater extent or more intensely than before” which is synonymous with the brand’s designs as they evolve and progress. 

The ready-to-wear brand has pieces available for purchase on its website, including staples such as the Boob Button Down. Also available online are pieces from the Fall 2023 collection, including the floral lace Qiapo Skirt with a side slit, along with the Sequin Hobble Skirt, and finally, the Bustle Back Vegan Leather Gown. The brand also offers several face masks, made from materials from cotton to denim to chiffon lace.

Images by Keith Major

Featured image by Keith Major

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