Filling Pieces and Majid Jordan Team Up For An Exclusive Footwear Collaboration

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After starring as the face for Filling Pieces‘ debut ready-to-wear campaign, Majid Jordan once again team up with the Amsterdam based fashion label. Now,this time around the Canadian artists co-designed an exclusive shoe which is set to be launched at ComplexCON 2018 which is this weekend. With a strong presence in the music scene and because of a shared vision on bridging gaps, bringing together different worlds and mixing genres, it felt natural for Filling Pieces to enter into the design process with the Toronto based musicians.


Filling Pieces founder Guillaume Philibert (@gsrnn) on collaborating with Majid Jordan:

“We first met Majid & Jordan during our Barneys New York ready-to-wear campaign shoot in LA. But we really got to know them when we went to the Rotterdam and Amsterdam shows of their European tour. Afterwards, they swung by the office and we spoke about music, art, design and other mutual interests. It felt we had an affinity as we shared a lot of ideas and viewpoints so a collaboration felt really natural. When we took them on a tour of the office and reached the design studio, they were super excited and we bounced of their energy and literally created that pair of shoes together in one day.”
Majid Jordan on collaborating with Filling Pieces.
“We are honored to collaborate with Filling Pieces on our new signature shoe. It’s amazing what music can lead to. Filling Pieces is a company that we look up to and after meeting their team in Amsterdam we could not wait to work together. The shoe came out even better than we could imagine. FPGP1 forever.”
Their chosen design was crafted then and there, capturing the energy of their Amsterdam show and their vision on footwear design.
The duo chose to use our Low Fade Cosmo silhouette as the base of their collaborative shoe. This style was the perfect match for Majid Jordan, one of our most conceptual shoes. A silhouette that pushes the boundaries of what handmade footwear is perceived to look like, mirroring the brands conceptual approach that breaks the mould on what modern R&B or pop music can sound like. In-line with the artists’ approach of seamlessly blending their favorite genres to create something that is at once familiar yet novel, the shoe blends panels of the finest dark Nappa leather with light grey cotton mesh and black textured full grain leather, whilst the heel quarter is crafted from black suede. The finishing touch is iridescent polymer panels which shimmers and shifts colors as it reflects light, creating a myriad of colors that occupy the full range of visible light – the literal ‘spaces between’ that drives Majid Jordan’s creative direction and vision.After carefully studying different material options, the two parties quickly agreed on the final design. The resulting silhouette captures the vibe and energy of the brief creative session that came before it. The colors and the iridescent material reference the creative direction of Majid Jordan.

The limited edition sneaker was produced in an extremely limited run and will be exclusively available at ComplexCON 2018  November 3/4) , where Filling Pieces will be joined by Majid Jordan themselves for the release of the shoe.


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Filling Pieces and Majid Jordan Team Up For An Exclusive Footwear Collaboration