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Denim on Denim: Still a Fashion Faux Pas?

It’s time for a day out in the city and you look in your closet for something cute to wear. You lay eyes on a floral chiffon shirt and a pair of light wash denim jeans…or maybe some gingham trousers with a denim jacket. Then you look at these two denim pieces and think about wearing them together. “Can I even pull it off?”, you think to yourself.

Rest assured, this is not 2001 anymore! Looking around, you can find people strutting around in denim on denim with different kinds of variations. Pulling off denim on denim may seem risky, but if you follow just a few rules, you can be on your way to the ultimate denim outfit.


Utilize black and white pants

If you’re a beginner at wearing denim, this is the safe route. Black denim and white denim jeans go good with virtually any other shade of denim. Of course, light denim will look better with black jeans as they will pop and vice versa.

(@Andy Csinger)

@Andy Csinger













            Damsel in distress


Distress always wins. If you’re wearing the same wash on the top and the bottom, a few rips here and there can be crucial in bringing your outfit alive. If you don’t have any distressed pieces, don’t worry, you can distress a piece of clothing yourself! Just choose where you want the hole/rip, cut two parallel lines there, and pull the blue threads from in between with a tweezer. Voila, you have revealed the white distressed threads and you’ve made yourself a masterpiece for cheap!







Try to contrast your denim

This one is a little tricky. The rule of thumb is that you should usually contrast your denim so you’re not too matchy- matchy. Like I said previously, wearing the same shade and material on the top and bottom can come off as monotone and boring. Keeping this in mind, same washes may look better together than separated sometimes. This rule isn’t too strict so use your judgement when considering this.























Don’t drown in denim- save yourself with accessories

Denim on denim looks great, however it looks even better when you accessorize. You don’t want too many accessories as this will overdo the whole outfit. All you need are some heels that can dress up a denim outfit or a purse that adds a splash of color to make your outfit unique.































Make it your own!

Fashion is about creating your own style that you feel comfortable and confident in. Your style will show people a sliver of who you are without ever meeting them. So go into your closet, find two denim pieces and make a unique outfit that showcases who you are. Don’t forget to have fun with it!



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