Cynthia Rowley S/S 17 Fashion Presentation

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Feathers!! Feathers!!… and more Feathers!!! Cynthia Rowley’s S/S 17 Fashion Presentation was amazing and honestly one of my favorites of this years fashion week. As I approached the venue where the show was being held, you could see behind a curtain models in the latest designs by Cynthia Rowley kicking up and playing in feathers. Her designs this year were amazing. There were 2 designs in particular that I loved, one was an all green see through skirt with the top also being see through green.

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Another design that i loved was a blue long silk dress worn by one of the models as she danced away in the pile of feathers that were around on her.


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While taking video and images I also managed to get feathers all over me, but that’s what made the Presentation so enjoyable. This makes me look forward to seeing more from Cynthia Rowley as she came up with the most unique presentation that I have seen in a long time. Cynthia Rowley really has me anticipating her new Fashion Show/Presentation after seeing this presentation.




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