A Look At House of Aama’s Camp Aama SS’22 ‘Salt Water’ Collection

A Look At House of Aama’s Camp Aama SS’22 ‘Salt Water’ Collection

House of Aama’s New York Fashion Week runway debut introduced its newest collection, the SS’22 ‘Salt Water’ collection. This collection centers on a fictionalized Black resort, Camp Aama. At Camp Aama you can open your spirit guides and involve yourself in African American traditions that inspire many. The name of the collection ‘Salt Water’ is a term used as a tribute to the Africans who crossed the Atlantic Ocean and survived the middle passage to the Americas. 

About Camp Aama SS’22 ‘Salt Water’ Collection

This collection comes from the amazing designers, Akua Shabaka and Rebecca Henry. When asked about this collection, Shabaka and Henry say that they leaned into their passion for storytelling. “Our creative process stems a lot from creating worlds and seeing these characters and historical figures and moments in time,” said Shabaka in a press release. This mother-daughter duo has given us a collection with bursting colors, fabulous dresses, and swimsuits that make you want to jump in the ocean. The collection also includes things like matching sets, blouses, jackets, and more. 

Look 1

One of the first looks in this collection is a striped men’s set with a sailor hat and scarf that says “Camp Aama” on the back.. The color of this set is red and white, giving the idea of African/Afro-American diaspora and traditions of folklore and commune. Along with that, we have a striped women’s set as well consisting of a long skirt and a chicken bone crop top. The Women’s set is red and crème. The red and crème stripe colors are the colors of the African water deity Olokun.

Look 2

What is spring without a color-popping bathing suit to swim in! Below you will find some of the gorgeous and flattering bikini sets designed by the mother-daughter duo. First, is white and blue with a floral print. Second, is a black and crème checkered print set. Third is a not only a neutral brown but also has orange detailing. These must-have bikinis are perfect for your next getaway to a beautiful Caribbean Island not to mention a hot look.. 

Look 3

Next are the men’s swimming trunks and sweatshirt. The cozy men’s sweatshirt is a cream color with green text that says “CAMP AAMA SUMMER RESORT.” In-between the text you will find a sailboat. Paired with that is a pair of teal blue swimming trunks with a tan waistband. You will also see the stunning model with a scarf to complement the outfit. 

Photo By JD Barnes, @jdthecombo

More of the Collection

Click through to see more of the marvelous Camp Aama SS’22 ‘Salt Water’ collection! Get ready to dive in as pre-order for the collection starts on Wednesday, November 24th, at www.houseofaama.com.

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