Olia Zavozina Couture Bridal Designer New York Bridal Collection

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As we know, some wedding dresses can take a village to get the funds needed for purchase. However, the OZ collection solves that problem. With dresses  ranging from 1100 to 2500 USD. I personally feel this price rang is a steal,  due to the fact all the dresses are handmade as well hand beaded.  This collection  can be worn anywhere and any part of the  bridal ceremony. Some dresses detached so one can go from the church ceremony to the reception.
Every dress is made to order and customized to the bride wishes at no extra cost (WINNING !!!)
This collection is both luxury and feminine. The collection is realistic and different from other collection I have seen this week. The collection is design for actual brides aka the real woman who are not size negative 100.
Who does not want a dress that looks 10k plus and retails for 1-2 k. a Royal collection with a royal fit was the key take away from this evening . The designer seat with us , as each bride came into the hall.  One thing Olia wanted: was years later for her brides to look at their dresses and or wedding pictures and think TIMELESS.
*** all accessories were by Ariel Jennifer Taub.

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