The Blonds S/S 2022 Runway Show

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The Takeover


The Blonds reclaim NYFW with a star studded runway show


By Zoey Cross



New York fashion week was a special one this season, not because it is the first (somewhat normal) NYFW in-person shows since the pandemic. It’s because The Blonds held their ionic runways show at the Edition Hotel located in the heart of Times Square. The fashion show audience was filled with some of the hottest names in the industry. Guests such as famous fashion designer Patricia Fields and fashion week royalty Fern Mallis were just some of the star-studded guests in attendance. This season’s collection from the Blonds dazzled the crowd with sheer delight and intrigued by the breathtaking designs in this collection. But the design was not the only thing taking the audience’s breath away. When one of pop culture queens, forever “It Girl,” Paris Hilton strutted down the catwalk as the crowd roar with excitement. The runway show was filled with funk, glamor, and star power, as musical guest Bodine performed her sexy new single “Estar Aqui,” Mesmerizing the onlookers at the show. And bombshell Lion babe not only walked the runway, but she also performed several songs, one of them being her hit single “treat me like fire.” After the electric performances and extraordinary view of this season’s collection, I got the opportunity to interview one half of the dynamic duo of The Blonds, David Blond, to get more insight on this season’s collection and what makes the team so magnetic.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us here at The Garnette report. That was such an amazing show, a great way to close out fashion week. Can you tell me what is your favorite New York fashion week memory?” 


David: My favorite fashion week memory, well this one because I’m really excited to be back doing this live, doing this with friends and people we are close with, with artists we work with artists such as Bodine and Lion babe, we got to work with friends like Paris Hilton.

We love all these people but haven’t gotten the chance to see them in the last two years. Basically, just having a good time. That is really what it’s all about, collecting the future of fashion and fashion show and merging it with entertainment in a totally different way now.


Absolutely, with that said, what is it that makes you and Phillp work so well together?


David: I think it’s because we have similar interests, and it’s great because we have different views, but sometimes that’s a good thing because it challenges you together to be better.


 Who would be your dream client to dress, Dead or Alive?


David: Marylin Monroe, but I have so many different clients that are truly a dream to work with. We just started working with Ava Max; she is a fantastic performer. She is on tour right now with Maroon 5, and we also work with Daphne Guinness a lot. We do a lot of work with her, which makes it interesting because each client Is different.




 Last question, what was. Your inspiration for this season collection?


David: The inspiration for this season collection was literally the future, like the future of travel, the future of entertainment, the future of fashion in a luxury space.


The future of fashion is here, and it’s pretty clear that The Blonds have put their permanent mark on high-end fashion.



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The Blonds S/S 2022 Runway Show