Aranyani Debuts Luxury Handbag Line, The Aravalli Collection In The US

Aranyani Debuts Luxury Handbag Line, The Aravalli Collection In The US

The Indian luxury brand, Aranyani, is debuting its line of exquisite handbags in the US this July 2020, on their new e-commerce website, In Sanskrit Aranyani means the goddess of the forests. To tell the story of India, Aranyani has crafted a line of dramatically detailed handbags, the Aravalli collection, in French calf’s leather, and exquisitely accented with hand painting, detailed embroidery and semi-precious stones, all inspired by India’s natural beauty. The result is a collection that embodies the heart and soul of India. “Aranyani all started with the vision to create a line of products that tells the story of regal India,” says Haresh Mirpuri, the company’s founder and creative director.

The Aravalli collection reflects India’s long tradition of luxury, interpreted in a contemporary aesthetic. The collection takes its name from the Aravalli mountain range, the oldest in India, and is focused on new beginnings, not only for Aranyani as a new luxury brand in the US, but also for India as a leader in luxury design and craftsmanship—again. The collection’s two lines, the Kesuda, named for the exotic flower, and the Stone Drops, named for the semi-precious stones that are used in detailing, both reflect and evoke the eternal beauty of India.

Mirpuri says of the collection, “The natural beauty of India has inspired generations of artists, designers and craftsmen since before the Silk Road. (India’s Maharajas have always been as fashionable as Europe’s Royals). Today, the artisans of India continue to be captivated by India’s dramatic beauty. Through the generations, they have elevated their craftsmanship and today are the most sought after artisans in the world by the international fashion and luxury houses. “Through Aranyani we want to showcase the beauty of India and the artistry of the people to the world.”

To ensure Aranyani’s bags meet the highest international standards, Mirpuri created Aranyani’s atelier, where all the bags are hand crafted, in the tradition of the great European houses. All the members of the atelier train for three years with the Italian product technologist, Raphael Lombardo, who has worked with Cartier, Armani and LVMH Group. Some of the members were also sent to Milan for a 16-week onsite training. The result is a combination of the best of traditional Indian artisanal crafts, coupled with the finest European leather skills, coming together to create the world’s most exquisite handbags.

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