D’iyanu: An African Modern Brand Must Have

D’iyanu: An African Modern Brand Must Have

About D’iyanu

D’iyanu praises and honors African culture by creating “stylish and contemporary clothing for the whole family”. Their all-female design team incorporates eye-catching and striking designs right here in the US! They’re unique approach allows anyone from all backgrounds to “express themselves through African culture”. This modern african brand is designed to make you feel like royalty.

Why D’iyanu Is A Must Have

With Valentines Day approaching this modern African fashion brand is an absolute must have! The ability to get gifts for our families, that express our love for one another, is what it’s all about! Often you find yourself at multiple stores hoping to find the perfect gift for everyone. D’iyanu solves that issue but in a very special way.

They’ve made it possible to give the perfect “we” gift. Whether you’re purchasing a set for the entire family or just you and your significant other. Everyones size is included regardless of their age or gender. Sizes range from xs to 2xl. Matching sets are also the perfect gift for couples who enjoy coordinating looks for events or just for fun.

In case you’re wondering, this brand is not only for Africans or African Americans. The creators of D’iyanu managed to make it accessible for anyone, regardless of where you are from to wear this line. Supporting D’iyanu is more than purchasing clothing. When you purchase a set, you and your family are showing your love and appreciation for each other. As well as every human being on planet earth. There is a beautiful story behind D’iyanu.

You are not only showing love to your family by getting the most chic and unique matching set. Obsessing over matching set with your significant other or family are all part the family experience! More, importantly, you are also demonstrating egalitarian by supporting a black owned company and those from African descends.


As you can see any person would look amazing in D’iyanu! If you’re interested in any of the items in the pictures above or below then keep reading. (Items above) The men’s blazer cost $200, the women’s dress cost $79.99, the little girls dress goes for $54.99, and the young man’s shirt cost $49.99. Their couples pieces and accessories cost between $24 to as high as $200. Although it seems the blazers and dress tend to be on their more expensive items. They do offer matching sweaters, pants, shirts, skirts, and head accessories. Often, they have sales if you aren’t able to spend a premium buck.

Womens Items

Mens Items

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