Everlane: The Sustainable Clothing Brand You’ll Want to Know

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Ever just think about what happens to plastic when your done using it. We know that plastic doesn’t naturally decompose. It just gets lost in the world—in oceans, around the necks of turtles, in the stomachs of whales. It’s sad to think of all that plastic damaging the lives of wildlife. The ethically minded company, Everlane sets out to make a change with ethically recycled clothing.

Renew Lightweight Puffer:

everlane sustainable clothing

“We need to start saying no to companies that are not pushing sustainability forward,” says Everlane founder Michael Preysman. To address the global plastics crisis, the brand will stop creating new plastic and use what is already here. The company pledged to eliminate all virgin plastic from their entire supply chain by 2021, meaning no more wasteful shipping bags. The Renew collection, which drops this week, represents the first step toward that commitment. “Any brand that’s not thinking this way, is putting profit ahead of people.”

Renew Fleece Sweatshirt:

everlane recycled clothing

“With the ReNew collection, we are able to use plastic that would stay on the planet forever and renew it to create products that are as incredibly warm, sustainable and affordable.” Consisting of 13 classic cold-weather styles for both men and women, the first ReNew collection will be made from 3 million recycled plastic bottles. “Our hope is that people wear our jackets and fleece for decades to come,” says Preysman.

Renew Puffy Puff:

everlane sustainable recycled clothing

Everlane offers sleek parkas, fleece sweaters, and a beautiful mustard puffer jacket to keep you toasty for winter while reducing your carbon footprint. Everlane plans to produce additional ReNew collections to recycle 100 million plastic bottles within five years.


“Our growth means that each year, our impact on the environment is greater and greater,” Preysman says. “We knew we had to play our part in improving the planet for ourselves and our customers.”


Visit Everlane to check out all the product offerings.


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Everlane: The Sustainable Clothing Brand You’ll Want to Know