David Beckham Named Ambassadorial President of BFC

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David Beckham has come a long way since his soccer days. He has launched a grooming line called House 99, created whiskey called Haig Club, and he has partnered with menswear label Kent and Curwan. Leading a life around the fashion industry it’s no surprise that Beckham has joined the British Fashion Council as an ambassadorial president. As part of his role, Beckham will visit educational fashion projects and clothing manufacturers in Manchester.  Beckham and his wife Victoria the first couple of fashion for Britain with their fierceness in the fashion world.

David Beckham BFC
Vic Lengtaigne, BFC

“Taking on this new role is an incredibly proud moment for me. I have long been passionate about British style, fashion and craftsmanship and this role gives me the chance to get under the skin of an industry I love. I am excited to be working closely with the British Fashion Council to promote and inspire young talent, from across the UK, on a global scale,” said Beckham in a statement.


Beckham will support the BFC in its goal to build partnerships in the United States and Asia. The aim is to use Beckham’s fame to attract talent to the British fashion industry while also leveraging British fashion talent into the global community. His role will have him helping out with BFC’s education initiatives across the UK such as scholarships and apprenticeships.


“I’m really excited about promoting fashion as an opportunity to all kids across the country, regardless of their background or their gender. That means creating more awareness for boys to get involved with fashion … helping them understand that creative opportunities are available to them too.” Beckham shared with the Guardian.


Beckham will spend the first year of his role visiting fashion programs across the UK and hosting events in the US and China. As the great husband we all know him to be, Beckham will take a break during September’s London Fashion Week to give Victoria the spotlight. She will be celebrating her 10th anniversary in fashion.


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David Beckham Named Ambassadorial President of BFC