Digital Entertainment World Conference Goes Virtual

Digital Entertainment World Conference Goes Virtual

With the current pandemic, many companies and organizations have forcibly adjusted to taking the virtual approach. The 8th Annual Digital Entertainment took on to host their event via Zoom and take a look into the reality and the obstacles faced by several workers and companies in the realm of Digital Entertainment World.

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Digital Entertainment World Conference Goes Virtual

The Online Conference took the screens to all the attendees, with a versatile and diverse panel. The Conference discussed topics being the realm of marketing for influencers, musicians, and television production and how technology usage has aided the Entertainment industry’s progression overall. Many have had to work from their homes with the pandemic, putting a hold on several projects and live broadcastings.

Meetings, events, and interviews have all had to take to the computer and television screen. Many of the panelists have found media and the usage of social media apps like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram. Media usage in marketing has forced several companies to get to know their direct consumers personally. This has caused many producers to improve upon their skills and make their content more user-generated.

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‘The Future Is Hybrid’

Considering the different comfort levels of COVID-19, it is fair to assume that the ‘paranoia’ of COVID-19 won’t be going away anytime soon. This leads many companies and specialists to believe that hybrid will be the future. A limited capacity and the ability to broadcast live sports, concerts, and events allow for expansion to a global audience.

The conference’s wide range of panelists included…

  • Jennifer Cotter, Chief Content Officer at Peloton
  • Shirley Halperin, Executive Editor of Music at Variety
  • Casey Campbell, Managing Director, North America at Gameloft
  • Melanie Capacia Johnson, Head of Studio at Whistle Studios, Team Whistle
  • Larry Fitzgibbon, CEO, and Co-Founder, at Tastemade
  • Thai Randolph, President and COO at Laugh Out Loud
  • Ricky Ray Butler, CEO at Branded Entertainment Network
  • Lauren Murphy, Senior Strategist at Deutsch LA
  • Chris Sawtelle, Head of Digital Ventures at ICM Partners
  • Kerry Tucker, Chief Marketing Officer at Pocket Watch
  • Nick Buzzell, CEO and Chairman at Spirits Network NBTV
  • Rick Howe, Host of The Friday Fireside 
  • Kirt Debique, CEO & CTO, SyncFloor
  • David della Santa, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Trqk
  • Jennifer Freed, CEO, Trevanna Tracks
  • Einar Helde, Co-Founder, Head of Business Development, AIMS API
  • Vickie Nauman, Founder, and Owner, CrossBorderWorks

These are just a few of the many amazing panelists that spoke at the conference. While each holds a different position, they have all been affected and forced to adapt to the pandemic’s reality. It has proven to be a challenge to all but has demonstrated that the Digital Entertainment World has no circumstantial hindrance rather adaptable through its dependency on technology.

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