Bad Hair: The New Monster in Town is a Sew- In Weave

Bad Hair: The New Monster in Town is a Sew- In Weave

Photo by Hulu

By: Merlinda Hilliard

Hulu newest movie, Bad hair represents black hair culture. The horror satire, is a must watch movie. Which is about the oppression Black women face in the form of discrimination against their natural hair. Elle Lorriane (Anna), who is an assistant at a television network wants to host her own show for the network but her personality being different, sexism in the workplace, and her appearance with her natural hair has left her in the assistant role. Her new boss, Zora who is played by Vanessa Williams, tells Anna if she wants her own show, she has to change her hair. When Anna decides to change her hair and gets her first weave done by Virglie (Laverne Cox), it starts to possess her and becomes the killer weave. 

The film was written and directed by Justin Simen. Simen tells the story about how hair is important to black women. In his interview with Variety Magazine, he states,

“Hair has been a horror motif in my life,” I was raised by women and I’m very familiar with what hair is to Black women — again, that’s a source of horror and pride. I thought I could say something in the same way that ‘The Stepford Wives’ or ‘Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’ says something.”

This horror and comedy film is all about killer weaves and shows real- life experiences that black women go through. A black woman’s hair care is about embracing their hair and the pain it took to get it. But to say the least black women are being asked to change their look, just to satisfy white people, and Bad Hair presents the sacrifices with tears and sweat for the perfect look. 

There is no such thing as “Bad Hair” and “Good Hair”, but it has been used in the black community quite often.  Natural hair has always been looked down, it has been seen as unprofessional, nappy, and not good enough. It  has always been said that having loser curls and straight hair is a better look. In Bad Hair, you can tell natural hair is not the enemy, but weaves are. A black women’s weave is more than just a weave. 

Check out the trailer.

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