Your Guide to Finding Top UK Universities for Maths

Your Guide to Finding Top UK Universities for Maths

Many employers seek Maths graduates because of their analytical skills. Their abilities make them valuable in many types of jobs. If you wish to pursue a Maths degree, enrol in one of the top UK universities for Maths

You may find several colleges that many recognise as excellent schools for Maths. Each one has its advantages that will help you decide where to attend. Read on to find out UK’s top universities for studying Mathematics. 

University of Oxford

Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD United Kingdom

Mathematics at Oxford is under the Mathematical Institute. It is one of the leading mathematics departments in the whole world. It offers four different undergraduate courses:

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Mathematics & Philosophy
  • Mathematics & Computer Science

You get personalised teaching when you study Mathematics at Oxford. During your first two years, you will participate in hour-long tutorials with a tutor and a fellow student. For lectures, you will attend them in the department. Your college tutors will keep track of your academic progress. 

University of Cambridge

Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TN United Kingdom

Cambridge is famous for its excellent Mathematics courses. About 40% of Cambridge graduates proceed to further studies. Others pursue various other careers. The demand for Cambridge Mathematics graduates is high in commerce, business, and different industries.  

If you take up an undergraduate Maths course, your course outline will be as follows:

  • Year 1 (Part 1A) introduces you to the fundamentals of higher mathematics:
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics – This is an option if you want to continue studying Mathematics.
  • Mathematics with Physics – Choose this if you wish to study Physics after the first year.
  • Year 2 (Part 1B) discusses your first-year topics in greater depth but also includes new topics such as:
    • Geometry
    • Electromagnetism, fluid dynamics, and quantum mechanics
    • Numerical analysis
    • Applicable mathematics (statistics, optimisation)
  • Year 3 (Part II) explores your mathematical interests in detail and includes these subjects:
    • Cryptography
    • General relativity
    • Automata and formal languages
    • Mathematical biology
    • The mathematics of machine learning

  • Year 4 (Part III, optional integrated Masters) trains you to become a research mathematician.

Imperial College London

Exhibition Road, London SW7 2AZ, United Kingdom

Imperial College London is well-known for its Department of Mathematics. It aims to train you to develop mathematical skills. Its programmes provide broad introductions to Maths. It then allows you to specialize in your preferred areas.

Imperial College London offers several Mathematics courses: 

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics 
  • Mathematical Finance 
  • Statistics

In your final year, you can choose from over 50 optional modules. Many of them have links to Imperial’s cutting-edge research. You can use these to specialize in your preferred area of interest. 

The university will also run the Imperial College London Mathematics School. It will offer a specialist Maths school for 16 to 19-year-old individuals of all backgrounds.

University of Warwick

Coventry CV4 7AL United Kingdom

The Warwick Mathematics Institute at the University of Warwick handles the Maths course. If you take full-time undergraduate Mathematics, you will finish it in three years. It will include Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. 

A Mathematics degree at the University of Warwick teaches you the following skills:

  • How to be a fast and quick thinker
  • Learn new ideas in a short time
  • Follow complex reasoning
  • Create logical arguments
  • Develop strong mathematical skill
  • Enhance your commitment to Mathematics

University College London

Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT United Kingdom

The Mathematics Department at UCL is one of the most respected universities in the world. It is home to world-leading researchers in various fields, including mathematical modeling. 

UCL Mathematics offers the following:

  • Mathematics
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • MPhil/PhD in Mathematics

University of Edinburgh 

Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9YL United Kingdom

The University of Edinburgh is in the top five universities for Mathematics. As a student here, you will learn to think uniquely and meticulously. You delve into new areas of Mathematics as well. 

With their teaching system, you develop a long-term understanding from interactive engagement. You also gain from active collaboration. Mathematics courses at the university include:

  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Philosophy
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Mathematics with Statistics
  • Mathematics with Statistics for Finance
  • Mathematics with Study Abroad

University of Bristol

Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TH United Kingdom

The University of Bristol is in the UK Top 5 for Maths Research and the UK Top 10 for Maths overall. Teaching at the university consists of cutting-edge research across various topics. Bristol Mathematics train you to be excellent in the fields of:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Communication
  • Organization

Many graduates continue with postgraduate study while others find employment in:

  • Accountancy
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Teaching

Mathematics courses at the university include:

  • Single Honors
    • Data Science
    • Mathematics
    • Mathematics with Study Abroad
  • Joint Honors, Bristol offers the following:
  • Mathematics and Computer Science 
  • Mathematics and Philosophy 
  • Mathematics and Physics

University of Bath

Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY United Kingdom

The University of Bath enumerates five reasons you should study Maths at Bath:

  1. Various Math and specialized courses
  2. Work placement with leading research companies after your second year
  3. World-leading research provided by Bath’s teaching staff
  4. Job prospects and diverse career options
  5. Highly-ranked university:
    • Ranked 6th for Mathematics in the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023
    • Ranked 7th best university in the UK in the Guardian University Guide 2023
    • Ranked 8th best university by the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023
    • Ranked in the Complete University Guide 2023. 

Bath offers the following Maths courses:

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science

University of Manchester 

Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PL United Kingdom

The University of Manchester is the 28th best university in the world. It is also the sixth-best institution in the UK. Its Department of Mathematics cites some reasons why you should study at Manchester:

  • It is one of the UK’s top 10 universities for Mathematics (THE World Rankings 2021).
  • It has outstanding facilities, including the purpose-built £43m Alan Turing Building.
  • The nation’s top graduate employers targeted the university in 2021-2022.

Undergraduate Mathematics courses in Manchester include:

  • Mathematics and Philosophy
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Mathematics with Financial Mathematics
  • Actuarial Science and Mathematics
  • Computer Science and Mathematics with Industrial Experience

Lancaster University

Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW United Kingdom

Lancaster is one of the UK’s primary centers of mathematics and statistics. Out of 157 UK universities, Lancaster’s Math department got first place for research impact. The university is also well-known for having world-leading research. 

Math courses cover applied areas like mechanics, statistics and computational mathematics. Lancaster Maths graduates often go into careers like:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Computing
  • Teaching
  • Government

Mathematics courses at Lancaster include:

  • Chinese Studies and Mathematics
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Economics and Mathematics 
  • Financial Mathematics
  • French Studies and Mathematics
  • German Studies and Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Philosophy 
  • Mathematics with Statistics
  • Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics

  • Spanish Studies and Mathematics
  • Theoretical Physics with Mathematics

What can you gain from a degree in Maths?

At first, Mathematics is a degree with an outlook that seems vague. But once you look at its career possibilities, you will understand its diversity. The transferable skills you learn are a clear sign.

While you work on finishing your degree, you will develop several skills. Some are Maths-focused, while others are transferable skills. It is these particular skills that potential employers will find interesting. 

Some of these transferable skills are:

  • Problem-solving. Problem-solving is necessary at work. As a Maths graduate, you will have these skills critical to problem-solving:
    • Logical reasoning
    • Analytical ability
    • Initiative
    • Persistence
  • Communication. You learn oral and verbal communication through Mathematics. An example is when you exchange ideas with your professor or fellow students. You also enhance your writing skills when you complete essays as part of your assessment. 
  • IT skills. When you study Maths, you will take up computing subjects. These will teach you skills that apply to non-mathematical projects. These skills include:
    • Learning a programming language
    • Solving problems using mathematical software
    • Learning word processing 
  • Superior work habits. When you finish a Maths course, you develop the ability to:
    • Work under pressure;
    • Be meticulous with your work;
    • Organize schedules and meet deadlines; and,
    • Work with less supervision.
  • Personality traits. When you study Mathematics, you learn positive attitudes. It comes from working hard to pass your course. These traits include:
    • Perseverance
    • Determination
    • Intellectual rigor
    • Attention to detail

The Takeaway

Mathematics graduates are among the highest-paid in the world. In the UK, there is a high demand for their skills. If you study a Maths course in a top UK school, you develop abilities critical to an employer. Once you graduate, you can pursue whatever career you choose.

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