Your Quick Guide to Planning the Perfect Ardmore Holiday

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a fun and relaxing holiday? Do you crave the fresh air and openness of the mountains? Or are you looking to indulge in a gastronomic extravaganza? Or would you rather enjoy a rendezvous with the pages of history?


Irrespective of your travel preferences, Ardmore is just the place for you to escape the humdrum of modern life. Situated in Carter Country, the city is regarded as the hub of Oklahoma’s Lake and Trail Country.


It offers a fine blend of art, history, nature, and adventure to appease all kinds of travelers. The city is even home to a few glitzy casinos and plenty of outstanding eateries and cafes. It’s just the place you need to get away from the chaos and cacophony of your fast-paced lifestyle.


Nevertheless, the sheer variety of things to see and do in Ardmore can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you plan your getaway based on your travel preferences. Let’s take a look.

Getting There: How Do You Reach Ardmore?

A private car is the best option for reaching Ardmore. The city is well-connected by road to big cities, including Oklahoma City and Texas. It’s situated just a short 90-minute drive away from Oklahoma City. If you’re traveling from Texas, it’ll roughly take you two hours to reach Ardmore.


Ardmore doesn’t have a passenger airport in the city. If you’re traveling by air, you’ll have to take a flight to the Dallas/Fortworth International Airport in Texas or Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. While rail services are available in Ardmore, the trains run infrequently. 

Moving Around Within Ardmore

Having a vehicle at your disposal comes in handy for traveling within Ardmore. The city isn’t particularly well-connected by public transportation. Also, most roads don’t have sidewalks, making them unfavorable for walking.


So, if you want to make the most of your trip to Ardmore, it’s a good idea to travel by your personal car or rent a vehicle.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Ardmore?

It’s the first question that’ll come to your mind when you’re planning a getaway to Ardmore. The good news is that the weather conditions in Ardmore are favorable for travelers throughout the year. You just need to choose a time of the year based on your likes and dislikes.


If you’re looking for the best time to travel to Ardmore, then you should plan your vacation during spring (March to May). The skies are bright with warm, moderate temperatures, and there’s little to no chance of rainfall.


That makes it the peak tourist season in Ardmore, meaning you’ll have to battle selfie-obsessed tourists wherever you go. Also, accommodation can be fairly expensive during these months.


If you’re in the mood for a quieter holiday, we recommend that you travel during the summer months between June and August. The weather is ideal for indulging in outdoor adventures, such as exploring Lake Murray State Park, Arbuckle Mountains, and Chickasaw National Recreation Center.


For those who prefer to travel in solitude, the fall and winter months, between September and February, are ideal. While the weather remains fairly cold during these months, you get to enjoy most of the tourist attractions all by yourself. And if you’re lucky, you might get some great deals on accommodation too.


Even though Ardmore receives little to no rainfall throughout the year, it’s always a good idea to check the current conditions before planning your trip. Make sure you take a look at the Thackerville, Sulphur, or Dickson weather radar before preparing your itinerary.


Checking the weather radar is particularly important if you want to explore outdoor attractions, including Turner Falls, Arbuckle Wilderness, and Lake Murray. Also, it’s important because of the increased occurrence of severe weather events. Use a reliable weather app to check the forecast during your trip. 

Top Things to Do in Ardmore

If you’re looking for ways to spend quality time in Ardmore, you’ll never run out of options. The city offers a wide array of tourist attractions, from fun-filled amusement parks to vibrant hiking trails and lakes.


History buffs can head straight to the Greater Southwest Historical Museum for a glimpse of Oklahoma’s yesteryears. If you’re looking for something more offbeat, a visit to the Eliza Cruce Doll Museum is highly recommended. It features 300 unique vintage dolls dating back to the 1870s, and even includes artifacts from Marie Antoinette’s personal collection.


Nature enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice while traveling in Ardmore. Make sure you explore the diverse terrain of Lake Murray State Park, including the fascinating Tucker Tower Nature Center. Don’t forget to check out the reconstructed skull of a Mastodon and the famous Lake Murray Meteorite.


If you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature’s lap, plan a trip to the Arbuckle Mountains in the countryside. While you’re there, don’t forget to enjoy a refreshing dive in the natural swimming holes of Turner Falls.


Your trip to Ardmore would be incomplete without treating your tastebuds to lip-smacking American delicacies at Cafe Alley and Two Frogs Grill. Or you could enjoy a culinary trip to Italy with pizza, bruschetta, and lasagna at Ten Star.


Whether you’re a wilderness lover or a history aficionado, Ardmore has something in store for every traveler. Check the weather forecasts and accommodation rates to plan your trip at the right time.


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