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The Hospital Box

Please don’t forget the millions of dads who will be celebrating this Father’s Day in the hospital — Even under the best circumstances, it can be a stressful time filled with a range of emotions. So they’ve designed this product line with some hospital-friendly things in mind. This “Care Package Kit” includes a vibrant keepsake box with inspirational quotes and space to attach personal photos. It’s convenient, sentimental, lightweight, and compact!

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Blooming Bath Lotus 

Founded by four fathers learning to master their parenting duties, these friends set out to create a product that made giving infants baths less of a chore. Blooming Bath makes the plush fabric, flower-inspired designs that line your sink and give a baby comfortable and safe support during bathing. The essential parenting item makes cleanup easy too! Simply ring it out and hang to dry or toss in the dryer.


BUBS MCT Oil Powder & Collagen

BUBS MCT Oil Powder is a source of clean, fast-acting energy that will improve mental focus and curb your appetite. One scoop of MCT Oil Powder combined with 1 scoop of BUBS Collagen powder in your coffee is sure to get you through the longest of days. Collagen improves joint health, hair, skin and nails, making it perfect for Health Heros on the front lines during the COVID-19 Pandemic or any experience serving patients throughout the year.

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Frenchie Hydration 

Each can of Frenchie is packed with Potassium and Electrolytes to ensure maximum hydration for athletes. Regulate the body’s balance of fluids with no crash. Improve and maintain muscle functioning, while allowing for quicker recovery and improved performance. This refreshment is low calorie and low sugar. Each can contains only 15 calories and 2g of sugar. The natural citrus flavor provides the great taste that every athlete and health-conscious individual deserves – mixes well with tequila or rum to create a skinny margarita or mojito.


Pure Bloom CBD Relief Cream 

Being on your feet all day caring for others is painful! This highly effective, cooling, fast-absorbing and fast-acting skin THC-free CBD Cream uses the power of USDA certified organic CBD and healing botanicals such as turmeric, kukui nut and black pepper to soothe pain.


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