Derrick C. Brown Shares His New Book

Derrick C. Brown Shares His New Book

As a former paratrooper, Derrick C. Brown would drink a concoction of emotions all the time. A mixture of intense and stressful with exciting and soothing all in one. Maybe that is why he is such a wonderful weirdo; literally blending all the sensations of falling out the sky to create endearing comedy and poetry. Not only that, the multi-talented storyteller has also written his tenth book called Love Ends in a Tandem Kayak, the next reassuring read under his Write Bloody Publishing group. 

Drafting this book the last two years required Brown to ‘sit in pain and let it become medicine’ — his version of self-reflection and asking himself constantly, “what does this feeling mean?” Healing his sorrows unveiled his heart down the line. In addition, it helped him to trust his intuition with purpose. Love used to be an active verb where he’d fought for it aimlessly. Now, “love is a coat that fits,” which means the signals in what the universe sends to him surrounding love is lucid. Moreover, Derrick captures his renewed understanding of love with a read that compels. 

The Roadmap on Love

Starting with the title, the inspiration derives from a personal anecdote in which he planned to propose to his previous girlfriend. The romantic setting took place in a tandem kayak in which Derrick and his love were paddling at different paces. He jokingly told her, “Let me know when you’re going to stroke, or we are going to stroke in circles.” His girlfriend irritably responded, “You always try to control me!” After her outburst, Derrick knew he wasn’t going to propose that day. He eventually did propose to her, but it didn’t work out. 

Placing his pain onto paper, he embraced his heartache and salvaged it with a better understanding of himself. Through three chapters, he takes you through love, sorrow, loneliness, and joy. The joy of loving yourself takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions, especially with his weird and thoughtful recollections. 

“Derrick C. Brown is a heart whisperer & this collection is no exception,” says Olivia Gatwood, author of Life of the Party. She continues to say Derrick’s book is “equal parts devastating, hilarious, and swoon-worthy. Love Ends in a Tandem Kayak is a roadmap for every romantic looking to stay hopeful, a reminder that when love abandons us, it’s only making room for more of itself to squeeze in.” 

Up and Coming

The highly, celebrated book campaign kicked off last Friday and Saturday with successful book release parties. On April 29th and 30th, Derrick is scheduled to perform a comedy and poetry set at the Glenndale Room in Glenndale, California. What makes this show special is that it will be recorded for a full-length album with Subpop Records/Pretty Good Friends. 

The homestretch of his campaign teams up with longtime friend, Amber Tamblyn. Together, they will tour the country on motorcycles to various venues to share poems. The tour is called “Pretend it’s a boat.”

To buy his book or follow his campaign, just visit his website at

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