A Brief History of Campus Style from Hippie to 2022

A Brief History of Campus Style from Hippie to 2022

Universities have experienced their fair share of changing styles. Students roaming around campus are seen adorning different styles based on their preferences. Looking back to the 1960s, there was one predominant fashion style.

In the U.S, being a hippie was the main trend that almost everyone followed. As time went by, this fashion trend weaned off, but there still are remnants of the hippie lifestyle. Here is a brief history of campus-style from hippie to 2022.

The hippie lifestyle

American students got into the hippie lifestyle around the 1960s. This style was more than just dressing and grooming. It involved other aspects. For example, hippies focused greatly on sustainable living. Instead of eating processed foods and eating meat, most hippies turned to be vegetarians. 

Their grooming consisted of growing their beards and hair. Instead of adopting the corporate kind of look, hippies chose to wear casually. At that time, their dressing and grooming looked rather odd. They wore beads, sandals, and comfortable shirts. This was during a time when button-down shirts were the look everyone would go for. Hippies decided to contrast the standard American student lifestyle. The main cause for this was the inspiration behind hippies.

Origination of hippie dressing and grooming

The hippie campus life and style began during the Vietnam war when students were taking a stand against the war. To show that they were not for war but supported peace, hippies began marginalizing themselves from traditional Americans. As time went by, students did not hold those ideologies as the original hippies did. As a result, the common fashion style began to change and gravitated toward what you see in 2022. 

However, despite the change in style in fashion, the learning process remained the main thing for most students. To keep up with the fun life on campus, many people can now use the free essay samples listed by WritingBros to help them get inspired to write essays quickly. Learning from an essay example written by a professional can help a student write a better essay and research paper.

Evolving to new styles

From the hippie lifestyle, students began to have relaxed dressing and grooming styles. Garments such as cardigans, chinos, and other smart casual clothing items grew in popularity. Styles began to be based more on personal preferences rather than being part of a movement. 

Gradually, students began being more casual in their choice of clothing. Modern styles transcend the clothing style choices for students. The styles now also affect how students style their dorm rooms. If you’re thinking of restyling your room, you have the freedom of choosing whatever style. There are a lot of new styles, but some still have hippie lifestyle aspects.

Remnants of the hippie lifestyle

Looking into the current college dressing and grooming styles, you can see some clear hallmarks of the hippie lifestyle. Undoubtedly, hippies revolutionized the way college students dress and groom themselves. Instead of being formal with button-down shirts, students wear comfortable slacks, sandals, and shirts to school. Some also grow their beards and hair. 

This behavior was frowned upon before the hippie era, but due to that revolutionary movement, students now have more freedom today. There still are students who are full-on hippies that take on the entire lifestyle. These students marginalize themselves and do not eat meat. Although the reasons for their hippie lifestyle might not be the same as the founding fathers of this style, they still live like them.

Most popular styles amongst students in 2022

In 2022, there is a wide variety of styles that students are adopting. Some include emo dress and grooming. These students are mostly from the Gen-Z population and prefer a more rebellious look. 

Other students prefer wearing whatever is comfortable for them. You will see them wearing sweatshirts, yoga pants, or comfortable trousers. Some choose to wear sandals and go for the chilled-out look. On the other hand, other students go for artistic looks with bright color block patterns. There is no specific dominant style like there was back in the 1960s when the hippie movement began.

The bottom line

The hippie movement was a pivotal era in college history. Students began adopting styles that were comfortable to them instead of worrying about looking professional. As time went by, students did not feel compelled to fall within a certain lifestyle. Instead, they do whatever feels best and comfortable for them, as you can see in 2022. Students focus more on their studies instead of adopting a culture they might outgrow after college.

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