The Routine of A Public Relations Person in Fashion with Isoke Salaam

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The fashion world isn’t immune from the entrepreneurial mindset that many of us have cultivated during these last pandemic months. Lots of stylists, designers, communications gurus have shifted their interests and started investing in small fashion startups. Voilà is one of these pioneering dreams that came true. It is in fact a fashion startup, more specifically a luxury fashion app. They carry Stella McCartney, Zara, Saks, Bloomingdales, and many other brands. New Jersey native Isoke Salaam introduces us to how her job looks like in Public Relations in fashion, while she’s working with Voilà as one of her clients.

  • What does it mean to work in fashion? Is it all glamour and floaty as the industry makes it look like?

Working in fashion means everything to me. Fashion is a passion of mine and I feel very lucky to be able to work in a space I love. The fashion industry is not all glamorous and floaty. I work in PR, I am on the strategy side and have to put a lot of thought into client concepts. Working with beautiful art and designs is fabulous but it comes with a lot of work.

  • Fashion includes much more than clothes and accessories. What is your input in this industry?

My input in the industry is fashion PR. I connect brands directly to editors and writers to get exposure. I also, create buzz around my clients with cool digital content. Think virtual parties, exhibitions, and IG Lives. I also advise on an overall brand strategy, is the website perfect? The social? Collateral? If not, how can I fix that?

  • Please, describe to our readers at The Garnette Report  your work at Voilà and how much does it mean to you working on this project?

Voila is a fashion tech company, a luxury fashion app. On the app, users can shop, earn and find gorgeous fashion inspiration. Voila is a US brand but they have an office in Beijing and I love that side of the business. The international opportunities to learn about the Asian market. Which is incredible! I love working on this client’s project because the intersection of fashion and art is very interesting. There is so much to learn and even more to build on. Each day is different. I love all of the moving parts.

  • Being a woman in a capitalistic society is a bill: what are some of the daily practices that fashion introduced you?

The daily practices that fashion introduced me to more than anything are the endless opportunities to introduce yourself. My style is avant-garde and I love making a statement. My fashion sense is exactly who I am. I would also have to say skincare. Taking care of my skin is everything. I wash, tone, and moisturize like crazy. Healthy skin is life! Tip – I drink water nonstop!


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The Routine of A Public Relations Person in Fashion with Isoke Salaam