Stay Beautiful, Stay Current with NUEST Cosmetics!

Stay Beautiful, Stay Current with NUEST Cosmetics!

Do you have a mermaid, flower child, unicorn or Harajuku Girl living inside of you!? Then Nuest Cosmetics, is about to be your nuest obsession! Fresh to the cosmetics game, this pert & perky brand has everything a makeup maven needs to shine bright like a diamond (thank you, Rihanna).

Everything from their perfected formulas, delightful design, and spunky attitude will speak to your inner artistic soul. With their top-selling Magical Jelly Highlights (seriously, this highlighter is the bee’s knees) and incomparable assortment of brushes, lipsticks, and foundation compacts, you will be able to completely reimagine your make-up routine. Perhaps you might even be inspired to start your own Youtube beauty channel **winky face**

Nuest Cosmetics is a constantly evolving beauty brand dedicated to bringing the best in gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, because what’s the point of being a beautiful babe if you’re going to be unhealthy & mean to our furry friends?

For proof of Nuest Cosmetics’s luminosity, look no further than any of the hundreds of reviews they have posted on their site! Women (and fabulous men) have spoken, it’s time to join the Nuest movement.

Whether you’re a full face of makeup vixen or a fresh faced hottie, Nuest has got you covered:

Magical Jelly Highlighter $15: For a fresh, bouncy texture that’s easy to apply and a shimmery, dewy glow, it’s all jelly, baby! Pick from the gleam team of five different shades that can be used anywhere on your face and body. The smooth, water-based formula is quick-drying yet versatile enough to easily combine with foundation and blend.

Chic2Cheek Cushion Foundations $38: A foundation compact without a blending tool? Nobody’s got time for that! This cushion foundation formula will blend seamlessly to create a silk veil over the skin while imparting a soft-lit glow and it includes a water drop-shaped applicator for blending. Plus you can pick one add-on: Perfecting Trio Color Correctors, Luscious Lip & Cheek Dual Palette, or Photo Finish Rose Primer.

Juicy Shine Lacquer Lipgloss $18: Say goodbye to sticky with the smoothness of Nuest’s Juicy Shine lacquer lipstick. Vitamin E-enriched, it combines the comfort and shine of a gloss but the lasting power of a stain. The high shine finish and vivid color deliver a full-bodied, true color in just one coat and has lips smelling great with a beautiful peach scent.

Diamond Shine Lipsticks $15: Give your lips the glitter effect with this high-pigment, lightweight lipstick. The diamond glitter finish is the real payoff here. We’re not talking about a little sparkle here and there. Wear as a metallic lipstick by itself or over your favorite matte lipstick for a dramatic, full colored effect. Its multi-effective glitter formula leaves lips moisturized and has a delightful peach scent.

Silisponge $15: The cutest applicator you could use to apply your makeup is also the smartest. Its teardrop shape makes it a great asset to use all over your face, getting into even the hard to reach areas. As an environmentally friendly product, it’s easy to clean, rinse and reuse.


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