The Self-Care Arsenal for the Bearded Man, Brought to You by Wild Willies

The Self-Care Arsenal for the Bearded Man, Brought to You by Wild Willies


As social distancing drags on, you might come to the conclusion that there has never been a better time to quit shaving and grow the beard you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether this is your first time letting your facial hair grow out, or you’re looking for the ultimate self-care products for bearded men, Wild Willies shares your interest.

The brand offers a variety of products that promote the special growth, hydration and styling beard hair needs; made with natural ingredients in the USA. Wild Willies is passionate about giving all the beard motivation men need to grow the best beards possible.

Because great skin and hair belongs just as much to the gentlemen as it does the ladies, the brand has a few recommendations for your social distancing self-care below.


The Award-Winning Original and Cool Mint Beard Oil – Made of 10 natural vitamins and organic essential oils, this one-of-a-kind oil conditions and treats each follicle down to its roots. Use minimal product with maximum results as it comes packaged in a no-waste pump.


Beard Butter – Made from wholesome ingredients, this softening and moisturizing balm is your versatile problem solver. It’s formulated to fight split ends, unruly hair, reduce irritation, dandruff, itchiness and flaky skin. No wonder it’s one of Wild Willies’ best-sellers!


Beard Boost Serum – Infused with biotin and caffeine, Wild Willies is proud to create this “dynamic duo of energy-inducing badassery,” as the brand puts it, to promote the growth of thicker, fuller and healthier hair.


Wild Willies is available on Amazon. Check out the rave reviews and Amazon’s Choice, Wild Willies Beard Wash. Find it in the stores you shop at: Walmart, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond and Best Buy.

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