Retired NBA Star Matt Barnes’ Grooming Brand All Dads Will Love this Father’s Day

Retired NBA Star Matt Barnes’ Grooming Brand All Dads Will Love this Father’s Day


Raising awareness that men of African, Asian, Latin and Middle Eastern descent have specific hair and skin care needs, the brand is proudly tackling this challenge with ingredients EVERY MAN deserves. Grooming products for textured, curly, and/or coarse hair are notorious for petroleum, silicone, and synthetically based ingredients—until now.

Hue for Every Man is proud to announce its newest ambassador and co-ownership with NBA champion, father, philanthropist, entrepreneur and activist Matt Barnes. The former athlete is known for his lucrative career on and off the court and now, he’s taking the multicultural beauty industry to new heights with this brand.


Rest assured, Hue’s Core hair care products are free of parabens, sulfates and silicones. For a scent that’s uniquely Hue, take in the refreshing aroma of black pepper present in all products.




ShampooDeeply cleanse, soothe and heal your hair and scalp with a formula blend of Salicylic acid and ginger root that’s meant for daily use.

Conditioner – Instantly repair, heal and hydrate your hair with a blend of Baobab seed oil, avocado oil, and Shea butter. Meant for everyday use.

Promade – Infused with Argan and mango oils, experience the styling product for men with diverse types of hair that’s petroleum-free. The all-natural, scientific formulation also gives you a matte finish.

Awakening Spray – It’s the ultimate skincare for men as it tightens pores and gives skin a noticeable lift. Best of all, this misting spray goes where you do, to the gym, to the office as a midday meeting pick-me-up and on travel. Use it before Hue’s Shave Therapy.

Shave Lotion – This lotion takes a revolutionary approach to your shaving as it nourishes, and prevents ingrown hairs while acting as a purifying exfoliant that cleanses and tones facial pores. It also helps lift hair follicles for a fresh, clean shave. Ingredients include jojoba beads and volcanic minerals.

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