A Refreshing Way to Hydrate!

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Looking for a way to stay healthy and hydrated this summer? Then look no further than Collagen For Her Lemon Water! Just one scoop can offer 8g of protein and 9g of collagen (which promotes overall stomach health, aids in digestion, revs up your metabolism, and contains 18 amino acids!). This delicious drink is easy to prepare, and offers a refreshing—and yummy—boost to your day.

Containing 100% of daily Vitamin C, enjoy the immunity fuel all the while restoring electrolytes with a naturally flavored delicious, collagen-fueled drink!

Collagen For Her Lemon Water features:


– 100% of your daily Vitamin C!

– Contains electrolytes for superior hydration!

– Naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract!

– Grass-fed pasture raised collagen peptides!

– Sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free!

– No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors!

– Protein-packed while delicious too!

– Just add one scoop to water and enjoy many benefits!

Collagen is known for beauty benefits such as strengthening hair and nails while improving skin elasticity, but it also reduces joint pain, contains 18 amino acids, supports heart and liver, helps regulate digestion and boosts the metabolism! Combined with the benefits of lemon water and Vitamin C,

Collagen For Her Lemon Water is a protein-packed drink to keep you hydrated and healthy in the summer heat!

$40 – Learn more at CollagenForHer.com


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A Refreshing Way to Hydrate!