Mantra Mask: CBD Maskne Kit – Review

Mantra Mask Maskne Kit

Mantra Mask: CBD Maskne Kit – Review

The skincare company Mantra Mask has recently released a new kit designed to treat and prevent maskne. I tried the products out after wearing a mask out for a few days, here are my thoughts.

The Claims

The Kit includes 2 CBD Blemish Masks which claim to purify skin and reduce the appearance of pores with a blend of tea tree oil, sugar cane and citrus extract. A blend of Lavender, 30mg of broad-spectrum CBD, Aloe and Calendula soothe skin, reduce irritation and redness.

The CBD Pore Refining Mask features 30mg of broad-spectrum CBD, herbal extracts – from green, white and black teas – to cleanse and clarify pores. Red clover and pomegranate extracts, colloidal oatmeal and COQ10 work in harmony with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C to repair environmental damage.

The CBD Charcoal Cleanser reduces redness, blemishes and soothes skin while combatting damage from sun exposure. The cleanser claims to tone and balance the health of skin and contains DMAE, Vitamin C, Green and white tea extracts.

Mantra Mask’s CBD Collagen Protective Spray claims to kill bacteria with nanosilver while repairing and rejuvenating skin with bakuchiol, organic sulfur, turmeric and beta-glucan. The spray moisturizes and relieves dry skin with hyaluronic acid, vitamins B3 and B5, with Aloe and Amino Acids.


My Experience

Before using the masks for the first time, I had set my expectations extremely low. In the past, I’ve only used more affordable sheet masks you’d pick up at Ulta or Sephora that don’t have many skincare benefits and triggered breakouts. Because of this, I’ve developed a preference for mud masks.

On the first night, I used the CBD Blemish Mask and I was blown away at how calmed it left my skin upon application. It has a strong aloe scent that does wonders in terms of aromatherapy and gets your psyche ready for bed. After sitting with the mask on for a few minutes, I rubbed the formula in with a jade roller for an at-home spa treatment.

The next morning, I noticed that my skin was visibly brighter and my pores were a bit smaller than usual. I also noticed that my skin had retained the moisture from the mask I’d applied the night before. I used the Charcoal Cleanser early in the day before going out and sprayed the Collagen Spray on my face throughout the day.

When washing my face, I noticed that the cleanser was a bit watery and didn’t work up a lather and the mister on the bottle of the Collagen Spray was a bit splattery, but these weren’t dealbreakers.

At the end of the day, I noticed that my skin was oilier than usual. I have normal combination skin for reference. That night, I cleansed, toned and applied the Pore Refining Mask. I noticed that the same results the next morning from the Pore Refining Mask that I did from the Blemish Mask.

Final Thoughts

After trying Mantra Masks, I’m willing to give sheet masks another try. The CBD Blemish and Pore Refining Masks were incredibly soothing and I’d definitely recommend them if your skin needs some quick revitalization.

I’d have to use the cleanser longer because I didn’t notice it affect my skin. I think the Collagen spray would work well for people with dry skin, it left my skin oily.


You can purchase the CBD Maskne Kit here.

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