Latest Gift Guides For The Fall

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We know how the Fall weather can. Sometimes it can be warm and sometimes it can be very cold. Here are some gifts you can give someone to handle the in between weather.

Natural Fragrance Roses are  the gifts that keeps giving and is perfect for to brighten every one’s desk and will last! Perfect gift for coworkers and bosses!

These STUNNING Roses are:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordable ($19.99)
  • Aesthetically gorgeous
  • Premium, garden-grown
  • The sustainable alternative to chemical-based scented candles and diffusers
  • Green revolution in indoor fragrance
  • Available on

Crystal Clear Skincare offers a variety of skin care options to keep you look fresh all hear long!

Retailing at $199, The WAND is designed to safely treat even the most sensitive areas

including the delicate skin around the eyes. Instantly reduce eye puffiness while firming and lifting the upper brow and tightening skin around the neck.

The Wand

  • Reduce lines by 27%
  • Firm the skin by 45%
  • Reduce Wrinkles by 27%

Pharma Grade Hyalluronic Serum

  • Intese Hydration
  • Visible Plumping
  • Pure Form of Hyaluronic
  • Instant Burst of Moisture
  • Luminous Skin
  • Camera Ready Glow

Available on HERE

Mantra Mask newest CBD under-eye area mask!

 From the moment eyes open in the morning, this delicate area is hard at work.

This fall, the ravages of environmental pollutants and dry winter weather are no match for Mantra Mask Hemp CBD Coconut Eye Gels with Infused By Epic nano-encapsulated CBD, Vitamin K, and Rye Seed Extract, engineered to restore, repair, and protect in one simple step.

  • Plumps & Primes
  • Combats Dark Circles 
  • Restores Healthy Skin Tone
  • Diminishing Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Protects & Rejuvenate Skin using Bio-Available CBD 

Kut from the Kloth’s Faux Fur jackets are BACK and better than ever.

Honey, it’s getting cold outside! Warm up to the environmental fashion movement with the return of fan-favorite 100% vegan leather and faux suede jackets in all your favorite colors.

Loved by celebs such as, Heidi Klum, Jordan Sparks, Kristin Leahy, Gretchen Rossi and more! Happy to share the celeb pics and any other info you may need! 

Global Transfiguration – Gift for Change

Communicating that caring is cool and more than just a fashion statement is exactly what Global Transfiguration IS  on the track to do. Offering International tee shirts made made simple and softer than ever to give world apparel with a meaning that helps fight Climate Change.

Join the fight to change our future. Choose from a variety of colorful, eco-friendly tri-blend tees for men, women, kids and toddlers (starting at $33), each featuring a phantasmagorical  globe. Spread the message with an ultra-comfortable Global Transfiguration unisex fleece hoodie in a spectrum of Earth-inspired hues. Collect all eight Global Transfiguration classic eco-friendly totes (just $30 each). Email subscribe for special offers and giveaways, plus receive a 10% product discount. Shop the threads at and follow @GlobalTransfiguration on Instagram for eco-inspiration.

Congés Signature collection, Give the Gift of POWER

Congés Signature collection is made in 18k Gold. Available in Yellow or Rose gold; and White upon special request. The stones are chosen specifically for their recognized energy and conductive powers. They are all raw,  untreated, and cut to size. It can be worn around the neck, wrist, or as an anklet, vertically or horizontally.


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Latest Gift Guides For The Fall