LAST MIN HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: New Beauty Product Idea from TAO Clean

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Last minute gifts with value are hard to find, especially if you have no idea what to buy. People of all ages strive to have beautiful, healthy, clear skin. The ability to confidently rock one’s natural beauty without makeup is a goal to aim for. However, the standard routine of using hands or washcloths to cleanse is not getting the job done. Without proper cleansing tools, one may develop unwanted breakouts, or existing acne may worsen. The best way to avoid this is to enhance the way the face is cleansed. TAO Clean makes an Orbital Facial Cleansing Brush & Cleaning Station that makes for a great gift and is essential to any skincare routine. The brush station comes with two heads: daily and exfoliating and has two settings: regular and sensitive, to satisfy different types of skins and needs. The brush head is also waterproof, so anyone who already washes their face in the shower can seamlessly add the facial brush to their routine. After the orbital facial cleansing brush is used, consumers put it back in its charging base. Compared to other facial cleansers, the base contains a UV-C light to kill any bacteria that may be on the brush allowing it to last longer.




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