Get Valentine’s Day Ready And Look Your Best With These 5 Products!

Get Valentine’s Day Ready And Look Your Best With These 5 Products!

Strengthen & Stimulate Hair Butter

Get your best date night hair with Pollynation Apothecary’s Strengthen & Stimulate Hair Butter. Infused with eight organic herbs and essential oils, it activates and nourishes your hair roots for longer beautiful hair. Working its way all the way down to the tip it conditions for a silky, shiny, and revitalized texture.

Price: $25.00-$44.00

Glister Interstellar Blow Dryer

You know you’ll wash your hair before this date night so use Glister’s new quick and efficient hair dryer to make sure you don’t run late! This next-generation Interstellar Pro Dryer with Adjustable Airflow Technology is engineered with a variety of professional features for the ultimate experience in blow drying! Engineered with adjustable Infinity Flow Technology and an advanced Far Infrared ceramic heater, this blow dryer allows you to control airflow for fast & effortless performance. Designed to be featherlight, this salon-quality pro dryer is as ergonomically perfect as it is beautiful.


Price: $150

ClayDry Deodorant

First date on Valentine’s Day? Don’t forget to swipe your underarms to prevent sweat marks just in case your nerves get the best of you! Did you know you can absorb those underarm odors with clay? If you’re looking for aluminum-free, vegan options in deodorant, look no further than Zion Health’s variety of ClayDry Deodorants that use essential oils and ionic clay minerals to keep you fresh. They come in scented and unscented varieties too.

Price: $7.99


Add a fresh coat of red nail polish to look festive and ready for your date! ella + mila is a cruelty-free, vegan nail polish line that offers over 140 color shades to date! In addition to being chip-resistant, quick-dry and high-shine, ella + mila nail colors are classified as a seven chemical-free product.

Price: $10.50


Grab your KACYYOM bag on the way out the door to complete your date night look! KACYYOM was created for those who seek luxury items as timeless pieces and value authenticity over bandwagon trends. Yom’s first collection is an ode to the “one” bag that can easily transition from casual daytime to dressy evening bag.


Price: $95.00-$695.00

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