Back to the Basics: Natural ingredients Combined with Ancient Moroccan Practices Create a Modern Skincare Regime

Back to the Basics: Natural ingredients Combined with Ancient Moroccan Practices Create a Modern Skincare Regime


Moroccan beauty is rooted in ancient practices, but one new brand is showing how these old-world rituals apply to a modern, active lifestyle.

Launched earlier this year, Ziri is the skin and hair care brand sharing North African tradition with those who see their beauty as something more. Ziri means “moonlight” in the Moroccan Amazigh language.  For centuries, the moon has played an important role in Moroccan culture. Legend has it that our skin and hair are more absorbent in this light, making it the perfect time for rejuvenation and recovery.


The brand focuses on making quality skin and hair care tangible and accessible for men and women who consider health and fitness the key to life. Ziri sees skincare, not as a high-maintenance ritual, but an extension of your identity in wellness.

Pure and natural ingredients come together to heal the body and the soul. It’s why you’ll find Ziri products free of harmful additives. It’s the brand that fitness enthusiasts are getting behind.

Physical Beauty Isn’t a Vain Achievement, but an Extension of Good Diet and Proper Exercise

ZIRI has a passion for wellness and for helping you look and feel good as you exercise. Expertly formulated, you not only stay glowing and confident during your workout but benefit from ancient Moroccan beauty secrets.

Moroccan Black Soap with Lemon – Making your after-workout shower a true reward, it has anti-bacterial, moisturizing, exfoliating and soothing properties for your skin. Perfect for sweat, it removes toxins and unclogs your pores.

Rose Water – From Morocco’s Valley of Roses, this multi-purpose spray serves many skin benefits at once: tone with its antibacterial properties, fight acne caused by oil and dirt, and reduce the signs of aging as you hydrate and strengthen skin.


Moroccan Red Clay – Use this clay as the ultimate detoxifier as it removes excess oils reducing acne and blackheads. It will also remove any dirt, grime and dead skin cells left from exercise and physical activity.

Organic Argan Oil – Perfect for skin and hair, this product is made from the seeds of the Argan tree from southwest Morocco. Renew and moisturize skin, reduce inflammation and the appearance of scars and stretchmarks. Apply it to your hair to reduce breakage and frizz, and promote hair growth.




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