4 Solutions For Winter Skin!

4 Solutions For Winter Skin!

h how the winter can be brutal on skin! Luckily, Earth Love Cosmetics has 4 sustainable solutions! Treat your lips, face, body and any rough, dry edges with their earth-derived ingredients!


Discover Four Winter Beauty Game Changers from Earth Love Cosmetics


Inspire your loved ones to go green with their beauty routine by filling their stockings or kicking off the New Year with the naturally nontoxic skincare creations from Earth Love Cosmetics.

This line of affordable, small batch products is crafted solely from earth-derived ingredients and packaged in biodegradable and reusable containers for glowing results that are good for the planet and your body!

If you’re ready to get rid of dry, red and itchy winter skin, check out these 4 must-haves:

  • SUGAR LIPS (new) — Prepare yourself for the holiday mistletoe with this exfoliating lip polish featuring smoothing papaya enzymes, moisturizing coconut oil, and revitalizing peppermint oil.
  • GLOW ON Facial Oil — Calm yourself and your skin with soothing chamomile essential oil. Vital fatty acids and vitamins lock in moisture and help maintain a healthy skin barrier.
  • GLOWING PLACES Body Oil — Spray on this rich blend of lipids, ceramides, vitamins, and nutrients for skin-balancing and anti-aging benefits that extend from head to toe.
  • FLOWER BALM — Soften all your rough edges from lips to fingertips with this non-greasy, 99% organic all-purpose balm featuring Vitamin E plus ceramides.

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