The Lipstick I Couldn’t Leave Sephora Without

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Who's Zoomin Who Too Faced Lipstick

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Who’s Zoomin Who

As a broke post-grad, it was essential to learn the art of buying only things I need. Happy to say I’ve mostly been successful with this. Until fate had me find myself inside of Sephora on a late winter afternoon. It was like a force was beckoning me to the Too Faced aisle, down to where the Melted Matte lipsticks lay. The shade, Who’s Zoomin Who ($21) spoke to my inner witch. This is the beginning of my resistance. I knew I couldn’t try the shade on, but lo and behold my sister had already begun to apply it to my lips. My feet, against my will, walked towards the mirror – seconds later I was at the register.


What makes this shade irresistible? The deep sapphire complements my pale olive skin tone while bringing out the blue tones in my dyed black hair. It brings out my inner goth. The blue hue pairs well with pumpkin shades of sweaters, or an all-black ensemble. I like to go all out cyber punk with space buns and holographic highlighters.


Before I get ready to hit the covens at night with this captivating color, I apply chap stick or a lip moisturizer such as coconut oil. I wait a few minutes between chap stick and applying the lipstick to have a dry surface to apply on. The color goes on evenly and dries to a matte finish. Because of the chap stick I put on, it doesn’t dry my lips out too much. To maintain the moisture in my lips, I use coconut oil to remove the color at the end of the day.


I know this lipstick may not be for the faint of heart, but if you’re going out for the night, or you’re looking to switch up your look – then you need to get your hands on this gem.


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The Lipstick I Couldn’t Leave Sephora Without