The Bulleit Pioneer Project X Grammy Nominated Poet J. Ivy

The Bulleit Pioneer Project X Grammy Nominated Poet J. Ivy

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Bulleit Frontier Whiskey company premiered it’s short film, “A Toast To The Times.” The Premiere was held in Los Angeles on February 3, 2023 at an environmentally conscious event.

It was a celebration of those who are on the frontier of culture. Featuring individuals who are breaking glass ceilings in music, tech, mixology, and sustainability. The Bulleit project is seeking to amplify those voices, and celebrate and recognize them.

A main component in the whole production was upcycling and using food sustainably. Designer and builder Jimmy DiResta, was responsible for the creation of the bar repurposing materials from junkyards, and Chef Josh Gill and mixologist Stephanie Reading were responsible for providing food and drinks.

These were sourced locally from a 30 mile radius, and he food was served on palm leaves instead of single use plastics. Even the scraps were not wasted, and went to a local composting service.

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Achieving an environmentally conscious event of this size is not easy. The event showed the work of hundreds of hands in creating something honorable and appreciative.

Sophie Kelly, the Senior vice president of Whiskies at Diageo North America said, “I’m immensely proud of the Bulleit brand’s commitment to sustainability across the board.”

The 90 second short film was a collaboration between the company and the Grammy Nominated poet J. Ivy and filmmaker Carlos Lopez.

It features J. Ivy saying lines of his beloved poetry, Like,

“Out of the billions that walked this earth, here we stand.”

Ivy’s poetry is interspersed with fun textural elements and digital designs by Mr. Lopez. The short film shuttles the viewer through an array of new and relatively young faces of seemingly all walks of life.

This is juxtaposed by black and white photographs of pioneers from the past. The film instills an inspiring motif of a new frontier, and picks at the idea that a new world is well underway.

The Bulleit brand has said, “The frontier spirit is the heart to push past what is, in pursuit of what could be.” The brand hopes that with this project they can make a multi-year commitment to amplify and recognize individuals forging new paths in their respective fields: art, sustainability, technology, mixology, and culinary.

You can watch the film below.

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