Whoa and True Religion at Milk

Whoa and True Religion at Milk

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Once again MILK lives up to their standard of entertaining their guest. You can go to a funeral at MILK and have a good time. However, this was no funeral, instead a preview to the latest True Religion collection.

At first, when I saw the invite I was under the impression no models would be representing the collection. Due to the fact the showing was three hours. I mean, who could model for three hours. A bit excessive if you ask me if they did.

Once you enter the loft, the environment sucks you into this world of the new feel of the collection. The night and entertainment aided into the maybe new direction of True Religion.

As I enter the loft, my eyes was fixed on this group of stylish and cool kids in the middle of the floor drinking wine. Then it hit me, wait there is wine here. Wine break!!! After my glass of wine; I was still lost on where the collection was. I was looking for the / a rack of some boring denim. Denim designed for your mother who still trying to be hip and stylish, or your older brother who is in grad school who wants to be cool and current.


At my attempts to find this collection, my eyes once again was fixed on these cool kids in the middle of the floor having fun, dancing and clearly on social media. I gave up on looking for the collection and wanted to see what these kids deal was.

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As I approached the inner circle after my second glass of wine of encouragement. I was like holy **** (you should know what those **** mean- moving on), this was the collection. These were the models for the show. I was like oh!!! Right !!!


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At first glanced I was impressed; this was not boring and not a collection for your mom or older brother in college. True Religion switched it up with this collection. I felt it was approachable, fun, trendy and practical. The styling and model selection really bought the collection home.

I do feel with the new excitement with street style and sportswear, it would be foolish for any designer or clothing line not to tap into this market. The collection had a little bit of everything for everyone: Distress fabrication, editorial like jackets and some traditional pieces that have been updated and revamped. I am more than certain when this hit the stores, it will have no problem selling.’



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