A Night At The Coach House

A Night At The Coach House





A night of the romance of the great American outdoors and New York urban street style!!!

May 04th, 2017


     This event was a good way to see Coach in a VIP event. Many times, we go to stores and sometimes we are unable to take in all the luxury and the experience. We all love shopping, but sometimes the hassle of 100 sell rep and associates asking 100 questions and not knowing 200 answers;  can make shopping a pain and a choir. However, the COACH HOUSE was completely shut down for their invited guests to see Coach’s new ready-to-wear signatures with trimmings that have a one-of-a-kind feel and touch. This was a celebration of the imperfection mixture of the luxury of shearling and Coach signature glove tanned leather.
     It was very cool and interesting seeing shearling coats and tough-girl biker jackets were softened up with sweet embellishments—floral and songbird appliqué.  I love and will always love a refreshing take on the new trend and street style in New York;  street style is a dominating several traditional fashion designer’s conversation.
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     To boil it all down, the semi private showing showed a playful and refresh look on practical bags and shoes. It is clear this is a new approach on leather-driven outerwear and clever statement knits. Also, I can not forget to mention the Elvis-loving biker babes. This collection is diverse as well as it reflects real life and the modern time in NYC.
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