Yves Tumor Set To Release New Album

Yves Tumor Set To Release New Album

Album Cover Art, Image Via: FarOurMagazine https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/yves-tumor-new-album-world-tour/

Electronic and experimental rock artist Yves Tumor will release his new album Friday March 17, 2023. The album is titled “Praise A Lord Who Chews But Does Not Consume,” or a more simple title “Hot Between Worlds.”

Additionally, the Album will consist of 12 tracks and is 37 minutes in length. Four of the tracks “God is a Circle,” “Echolalia”, “Heaven surrounds Us Like A Hood”, and most recently “Parody” have already been released.

Track list

  1. God is a Circle 3:32
  2. Lovely Sewer 3;15
  3. Meteora 3;47
  4. Interlude 0:52
  5. Parody 3:06
  6. Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood 3:51
  7. Operator 3:16
  8. In Spite of war 2:31
  9. Echolaila 3:00
  10. Fear Evil Like Fire 3:30
  11. Purified by the Fire 3:13
  12. Ebony Eye 3:16

The artist has been steadily releasing music for his new album since November of 2022, and fans will finally be able to hear the whole project this Friday.

The songs already released have qualities that are different from Tumor’s previous works. While most of Yves Tumor’s previous works have been up-tempo melancholia with sharp vocal hooks, his new music is interestingly downtempo.

The downtempo can be heard most apparently on Yves Tumor’s latest song release “Parody”. The song is very slow and more relaxed than his usual creations while still containing his usual melancholia.

Markedly, the one exceptional thing that is surprising about this new album is the degree of feelings of disillusionment that you get from these news songs. Meaning there’s possibly a turning point in the album that breaks the downtempo attitude that has yet to be released. It will be interesting to hear the whole album as opposed to pieces that don’t completely fit together yet.

In summation, Yves Tumor will be releasing his new album very soon, and fans are seeing a different side of the artist that may be surprising and interesting to see unfold.

Yves Tumor will be kicking off this albums tour at Coachella on April 14, 2023, and then will be touring in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Washington D.C. before going to Europe.

All Images Via: Far Out Magazines and Stereogum

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