You Will “Appreciate” Hunnah’s Newest Single

Hunnah's super cool look from her music video for "Appreciate" [Instagram]

You Will “Appreciate” Hunnah’s Newest Single

About Hunnah

Hunnah is a rising singer-songwriter from Toronto. After moving to Canada from Ethiopia, Hunnah’s parents enrolled her in piano lessons at the age of 4, beginning her musical career. She was already writing her own songs just five years later. Now, Hunnah is in Los Angeles and looking to use her talent to deeply connect with her listeners. 

Latest Single “Appreciate” 

Hunnah released “Appreciate” on August 13 and has said it is the first song from her upcoming EP Unloved. “It’s about how I sometimes feel invisible in the world of romance,” Hunnah wrote on a post from TikTok. “The EP is all about never having been in love and my various insecurities around love and desire.”

“I think that I like myself sometimes,” Hunnah sings in the pre-chorus. “I look in the mirror and I think you’re doing alright alright / So why it feel like no ever seeing me / I’m just asking for a little clarity.”  It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you feel unseen, especially in a romantic sense. On the track, Hunnah expresses self-confidence but also a desire for others to appreciate her for who she is. She uses a mixture of a gentle falsetto and lower vocals over a sparkling and soulful beat to beautifully share her message. 

Music Video

On TikTok, Hunnah shared how she created her DIY fashion and makeup look from her music video for “Appreciate”. This is one of the ways she is able to more deeply connect with her fans.

“Being an artist on a budget means makeup and hair is usually my domain but we get it doneee,” she wrote. As an upcoming music artist, Hunnah doesn’t have the same budget as top stars, but she makes the most of it. By sharing her process with her fans, she is vulnerable and open about the hard work she put in to create the amazing style for her video. It allows her fans to truly relate to her. [videos file=””][/videos]

Pink and powerful, Hunnah’s music video encapsulates her charm and energy. So it is impossible for her to go unseen now!

Stream “Appreciate” HERE


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