Ella Vos Releases New Album “SUPERGLUE”

Ella Vos Releases New Album “SUPERGLUE”

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Singer songwriter Ella Vos releases her new album SUPERGLUE in time for women’s history month. Vos says the album,

“Explores modern women in their totality.”

Besides being an album about uplifting women, it is also a ballad for Vos as she contends with old emotions. Vos says,

“So many defining moments have happened since the start of my career; I became a mother, battling postpartum depression, and was diagnosed with cancer and a chronic illness. Within that time I also got divorced. Vos also adds that, “In some ways, when I started to pursue my dreams, my life as I knew it fell apart.”

In spite of Vos’s struggles in her life, she kept pushing forward and finally is able to share with fans her healing. She feels now that a,

“Beautiful new life has grown up through the ashes.”

Interestingly, four of the songs on the album are directly inspired by the classical elements. Mindreader (fire), Mountain (earth), Glitter and Tears (water), and Superglue (air).

Uniquely, the creation of superglue was with her husband Tommy English in their home studio during the lockdown. Vos wrote the song with him not long after they started dating. Saying,

“We came into each others lives at such a critical point.”

Ella Vos On Tour

Being that Vos has amassed more than 300 million streams independently, and has consistently sold out shows in the past she will be going on tour again.

In celebration, Vos’s new tour is titled The Microdose Tour. She will be traveling around the United States starting in May. Vos has already announced some West Coast dates, and will be adding more places soon!

Tour Dates

  • Seattle, WA – May, 9
  • Vancouver, BC – May, 11
  • Portland, OR – May, 12
  • Santa Cruz, CA – May, 23
  • Sacramento, CA – May, 24
  • Anaheim, CA – May, 25
  • Pioneertown, CA – May, 27

In summation her album is a rich soundscape of dreamy sounds, and emotion. Vos has put her heart and emotion into this album and it truly feels like this was cathartic for the singer. It is an album to listen deeply, relax and introspect on your own health. Listen Below!

All Images Via Sacks and Co.

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