Solange for Billboard

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Solange Knowles sat down with Billboard to speak about her recent accomplishments, projects, inspirations, and the entertainment industry. Solange has definitely fulfilled her own purpose and created her own journey despite the fact she’s Beyonce’s sister. She is being recognized and respected for her unique artistry. Harvard named Solange “Artist of the Year”, she will be recognized during the annual ceremony on March 2, 2018. Solange stated, “I didn’t come from a line of college-educated women. I feel so humbled and appreciative, [having been] an 18-year-old teenage mother who didn’t go to college, who always had to explore academia on her own.” Her story is beyond inspiring and can be relatable to many that are too, seeking self awareness.

In life, it is hard to live beyond the spotlight of a sibling, especially if they are well known and occupy space in the same industry you reside in. Solange stands on her own as an artist. You will rarely hear anyone one introduce her as “Beyonce’s sister”. Her recent album, “A Seat At The Table” promotes self love and pride. The album is everything African Americans needed and deserved in  today’s America. As of now, Solange is working on her next project. She didn’t mentioned when we should expect it.

While we wait… Solange is collaborating with museums and galleries all over the world to create performing art pieces. She is in no rush to complete her next album. She expressed it will be released once it’s done.

Keep shining, Solange!

To read the full interview, click here.


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Solange for Billboard