R&B Artist Walker Shares “Good Man”

R&B Artist Walker Shares “Good Man”

Songwriter and guitar virtuoso Walker Landgraf shares music simply as Walker. And after recently breaking 1 million streams on his first single, “It’s Not (Her Eyes)” and sharing his debut album Phew a few months ago, he’s already in the middle of sharing his follow-up album, Good Man. The prolific home recording artist just shared the second single from his second album, the title track “Good Man.” Under The Radar wrote yesterday, he “strikes a balance between pop simplicity and instrumental intricacies.”

The Chicago Tribune wrote in their feature on Walker last month, “Landgraf’s off-kilter brand of R&B, funk, and psych is reminiscent of artists like D’AngeloToro y Moi and UMO. Catchy melodies and giddy guitar riffs make for a vibey and vibrant collection of songs.” They noted Phew’s “bright and light” feeling while also noting the songwriting as a whole makes “for a confident and promising debut.”

He said, “‘Good Man’ is about knowing, with confidence, that your intentions are good. The process of making this song was unlike anything I had ever done before. I initially heard the melody in my head while tooling around in the studio one day and produced the track right away. Typically, that’s how I work. I hear an idea, I record it, and then I move on. If the recording turns out well then I release it and, if not, I usually don’t bother with it anymore.”

He continued, “With ‘Good Man,’ I got into an unusual situation where I really liked the song (and would play it live with my band) but I didn’t think that the recording was something I wanted to release. I decided one day to try to give recording the song another shot and was floored with the result. What resulted was (in my opinion) the cleanest and most immediate recording I had ever produced. ‘Good Man’ taught me to believe in my songs and not to be afraid of giving things a second go.”

Walker started playing jazz guitar at 16 and then quickly picked up digital production and beat-making. As he studied music in college, he brings his adept skills as a multi-instrumentalist — recording nearly every single instrument on both Phew and the upcoming Good Man at home — to create intelligent but soulful, pop-based music.

Lyrical Lemonade named him one of their top 50 Chicago artists of 2022, and they wrote of his music when Phew came out, “I strongly believe that once you hear the first song, you’ll feel inclined to check out the rest.”

After working with two major labels to distribute his previous singles and EPs, Walker proudly self-released his debut album Phewlast December. He’ll be sharing several more singles this spring and summer before releasing Good Man this summer.

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