Presenting Elsrxb

Presenting Elsrxb



Spanish Teacher Turned Rapper and Producer

Elsrxb (Justin Barney) is a Spanish teacher who has turned his talents into producing and creating beats and rap music. His first mixtape, “amigos vol 1” showcases 6 of his students work in both rapping and beat making. His tracks are primarily produced by “Code Will”, based in Austin, Texas, and Saint Louis, Missouri. Elsrxb has proved it to be essential to support up-and-coming musicians. He has also preached the collaboration between up-and-coming musicians by working with those of all ages. While the lyrics captured in his songs are thought-provoking, his music stays wholesome. Keeping in mind the idea of young talent coming together only makes you want to see Elsrxb succeed. It is inspiring for all to see an up-and-coming musician prove that all you need is a group of people and some beats to make something meaningful.


“Amigos Vol 1”

“amigos vol 1” is Elsrxb’s first produced mixtape. There are 6 songs included, each with unique beats that feature a new array of up-and-coming artists. Sola, Vultures, Necks, Malfunction, Dimension, and Shine make up the mixtape, and each is better than the next. The second song on the mixtape, Vultures, is one of the most capturing tracks on the album. Vultures features “Kool AD”, “Quist”, and “Juliteta Cavalaro”, all artists coming together from all over the country. The song opens up with a voice promoting the album with a lighthearted twist, “It’s good for your skin!” It is then followed by a groundbreaking beat that can be compared to Mac Miller-type beats. What makes the song stand out is the addition of diverse voices that come and go as the song goes on and switches back and forth from English to Spanish. Vultures is just one of the songs on the mixtape that emphasizes diversity and collaboration and overall proves you do not want to miss Elsrxb’s music.

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