Pandora Live Powered By Women Goes Virtual

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On March 30th, Host Hoda Kotd along with an amazing panelist of women breaking the boundaries of the music came together virtually to celebrate women’s history month virtually for Pandora Live’s Powered By Women Event. Everyone was able to grab a VIP seat via their laptop

Powered By Women Discusses the Power Women are Gaining Power in Music Industry

Jazmine Sullivan finds her voice after a six-year absence - Los Angeles Times

Performers Gwen Stefani and Jazmine Sullivan were joined alongside panelists Lauren Alaino and Becky G on being a woman in the music industry amidst today’s society. Jazmine Sullivan opened up the event with her amazing performance and distinct raspy and raw voice. Her performance of “Girl Like Me” blew the virtual audience away, as the honest message of embracing her natural femininity is transparent through the artistry of her lyrics. After her breathtaking performance of the national anthem, sharing the moment with both her mother and father. She has proven to many her genuine talent, as her vocals and lyrical artistry make her the unique standout artist she is in today’s industry.

Gwen Stefani drops new single 'Slow Clap' after teasing fans with cowgirl getup – Orange County Register

Following her amazing performance, Gwen Stefani stood out as she performed her recent hit “Original Me”. She entered with her sparkling pink glam, making an amazing entrance. This was followed by her classic “Don’t Speak”. Through being on the voice has allowed her to see an amazing talent, that she is amazed by all the music that she has witnessed and been able to discover such future artists. She struggles to break it into the music industry as a female, as she was making music that differed from the mainstream popular music of the time. Through competitiveness and finding her voice, she was able to become the amazing artist that we all know today.

Women Making Their Names in the Industry; Girls Supporting Girl

Special guests Lauren Alaino and Becky G were featured as they elaborated upon their career growth in the male-dominated music industry. Country Artist Lauren Alaino found her voice through Gwen songs, as her second-place win at age 15 on American Idol engulfed her into the reality of the music industry. It is difficult to be a woman in country music, as she noted that she feels she talked more about being a woman than her music once she arrived in Nashville. Becky G was introduced to the industry at a young age forcing her to grow up immediately. Through several musical collaborations, she has learned from so many artists and found her voice. Especially upon entering the Latin industry, she recognized the lack of opportunity for women in the industry.

Many female artists are leading the way and developing more opportunities for many young women entering the industry. Through coming together and supporting each other, more opportunity and respect for women in the industry has been advocated for. Music can be powered by women, and no woman should be ashamed for their but rather embrace it and be proud.


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