Josh X Releases Newest Single, “One Last Time”

Josh X Releases Newest Single, “One Last Time”

Haitian-American singer, songwriter, and producer Josh X releases his latest single, “One Last Time.” Widely known for his single “Heaven on My Mind,” Josh X delves into the world of love and truth with his newest track. “One Last Time” explores both the reality of vulnerability and ultimate healing of oneself. The single delivers a soulful musical journey. It depicts Josh X’s lyrical storytelling that can be best described as rhythmically uplifting. The artist has worked with various artists including Cardi B, Rick Ross, Nipsey Hussle, and Lil Wayne. Josh X continues to be an integral part within the music industry and his latest single is just one example of that dedication. 

Who is Josh X?

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Josh X, originally known as Josh Xantus, developed a love for music at a young age. This went on to inspire much of his work today. Some of his work pulled from inspirations such as Stevie Wonder and other varying artists. Xantus even went on to attend Julliard where his music has continued to influence much of the music world today. Xantus has worked on a multitude of musical projects. Some include his work on Rick Ross’s critically acclaimed hit “All On Me.” The singer has also worked with other popular contemporary artists such as Cardi B whom he’s worked with for over three years. Many of his popular singles include “Never Give Up,” “Island Girls,” and “Selfish.” Xantus has also delved into the world of acting and is featured in Amazon Prime’s series, “Sister’s Keeper.” 

“One Last Time” Review:

“One Last Time” can be described as a mixture of crisp rap and soulful melody. The single features a storyline within its music that carries an emotionally driven beat. The track emits a well imbued feeling of self growth and honesty. Xantus is clearly on the path of self discovery, acceptance, and love and it’s evident within the track. 

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