Jon Wiilde Talks His Upcoming EP and More

Jon Wiilde

Jon Wiilde Talks His Upcoming EP and More

Jon Wiilde. Photo Credit: Warner Music Group

Jon Wiilde, the Sacramento-based artist, is making an impact with not only his signature psychedelic sound but his playful music videos as well. His newest single “This is War” is out now and available to stream. Jon Wiilde talked to me about his upcoming EP “High More Often” and more. Keep reading below to hear about his EP dropping next month as well as his musical career.

How did you get involved in making music?

“My homies in elementary school wanted to start a band. Jacob called guitar so I claimed bass since my dad played it in college. Got one for Christmas in 7th grade, been jammin’ ever since. “

When did you know this is something you wanted as a career for yourself?


Can you take me through the process of what you do when writing music?

“It’s really embedded into all aspects of my life. Sometimes you get high and take a shower and a seed of a song reveals itself because you’re singing and all of a sudden a lyric falls out. Sometimes you have a weird phone call, sometimes you set up a formal writing session with someone. There is no right way just THE way.”

What are some bands/artists you get inspiration from?

“Beatles, Sly Stone, Aretha Franklin, Nipsey Hussle, Soundgarden, Mac Miller, Grateful Dead, Kendrick. Too many to name.”

Can you tell me about your latest single “This is War”?

“It’s a total jam. Music video was a full send and it came out rad as hell. It’s the record all the homies f*ck with haha.” 

What is your favorite track that you have released to date?

“Don’t have one, it’s like picking your favorite child. They all got their place “

When would you say you found what you wanted your sound to be?

“Lifelong journey, still on it.”

What is your favorite thing about performing?

“The performance, Just being able to connect with people in person. Feels like what church is supposed to feel like.” 

Do you have any other upcoming projects?

“Dropping an EP called “High More Often” on June 30th. Incredibly excited, first EP in almost 4 years.” 

What is something you would like to leave our readers with?

“Hope you are having a wonderful day. Love and appreciate ya my friend. Jam Out.” 

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