Indie Band RHNO And Their Single “Smoke of a Train”

Arjun and Kostas, the two friends of RHNO [Spotify]

Indie Band RHNO And Their Single “Smoke of a Train”

It can be a dream to work with a close friend on something you both love. Brooklyn-based friends Arjun Viswanathan and Kostas Papadopoulos get to do just that. They met freshman year of college and collaborated on their first project, Modesta. Their newest project is a band called RHNO, pronounced “rhino.”

The first thing the friends released as RHNO was an EP in 2019 called Ode to the Peculiar, which is a great name in itself. The EP features four songs, each of which represents the two artists’ distinctive groove and warm tone. 

Spotify featured this band on their “Fresh Finds” playlist last Wednesday. This is exciting because that playlist has almost one million followers. It features new music from independent artists every Wednesday.

“Smoke of a Train”

Two weeks ago, RHNO released their first single, “Smoke of a Train,” which billows into the listener’s ears like actual smoke, softly and rhythmically.  

The song has muffled, distorted vocals and faded percussive elements. However, the vocals and guitar definitely take center stage on this track. “Smoke of a Train” is a tune that will burrow deep into your brain and make you want to bop your head.

“Soon it will be summer again.” RHNO reminds us that everything is a cycle and even if something is ending, a new beginning is always coming. They created the perfect sounds for the wind down of the summer and preparation for the fall. 

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The band has a strong understanding of how to make delicate beats and melodies and how to use their vocal ranges to complement their instrumentals. RHNO record, produce, and mix all their music from their apartment in Brooklyn. 

Expect more music from RHNO in the near future! Pre-save their single “Like the Magic,” which they will release on September 3, HERE.

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