Channel 7 & Their Upcoming Career

Channel 7 & Their Upcoming Career

Duo group Channel 7 has recently released their latest single, “What You Know.” And it does well to carry that eclectic melody that is just that addicting. The duo, Mari Poydras and Christian “Coop” Johnson, are known for their well-meshed neo-soul music. With only a few songs under their belt at the moment, The duo has set on exploring new musical choices. With many more projects up their sleeve, the group is ready to show the world what they can do. 

Channel 7 & Their Beginnings

Image via Channel 7 Youtube

Music has been a major part of Channel 7 and their initial beginnings. While both artists were raised in different cities, Chicago has become their common denominator in regards to music. Having grown up in the southside of Chicago near Inglewood, Coop Johnson has made it known that both the city and his family have left a lasting imprint on him when it comes to music.

“Music was my outlet in my childhood because I grew up around a lot of gang violence and blood. [Music] was my outlet, it was my family’s outlet,” said Johnson.

Johnson made it known that he attributes a lot of his passion for music to his grandmother as well. With his grandmother having been as invested and explorative with music as he is now, Johnson paid tribute to the influence this part of his life has had on him. 

Although both Mari and Coop come from different places, their love for music has connected them beyond compare. While both artists make music on their own turf, Channel 7 has become their collaboration project. Their latest single is a byproduct of this bond. 

“It’s like a coop song really and I love how spontaneous it was. I love the melodies, the beat. It’s a good memory,” said Poydras.

“It’s about the struggles I was experiencing and seeing. It’s about the truth of Inglewood,” explained Johnson when asked about the song’s meaning. 

From its melodies to the alluring beats and lyrics, “What You Know” is only the start to Channel 7 and their promising careers.

Featured Image via Channel 7 Youtube

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