British Singer Songwriter Sody Is On The Rise

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Sody, the British singer-songwriter also known as Sophie Dyson, is on the rise to fame. At the age of 12, Dyson’s manager discovered her and helped her career take off. Dyson was just 14 years old when she released her first EP “Youth.” Five years later at the age of 19, she dropped her second EP, “I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry.” Two songs off it, “What We Had” and “Loves A Waste” aired in the 2021 season of Love Island UK.

On July 29th, 2020, Dyson and Robin Skinner, also known as “Cavetown,” released a single titled “is your bedroom ceiling bored?” In the first verse Dyson sings, “and these four white walls, they know me more than my friends. They watch me type messages I’ll never send. This is a place I just can’t pretend to be alright.” Dyson is referring to her room and how it is the only place she feels she doesn’t have to pretend to be okay. In the first two lines of the chorus both Dyson and Skinner sing,

Is your bedroom ceiling bored like mine, Of you staring at it all the time? ‘Cause it’s seen so many nights where I cry and yell at the sky, For not telling you how I feel.

The chorus represents Dyson in her room, her safe place, where she cries after not being able to say how she feels.

In just her teenage years, Dyson accomplished so much and continues to do so in her twenties. At the age of twenty, she released her third EP “real growth takes time.” And it sure does, and Dyson has shown her listeners her growth through every song she continues to release.

Her third EP consists of 6 tracks. In all tracks on “real growth takes time,” Dyson expresses vulnerability in its purest form. This was her most personal EP, as it highlights not only her personal growth but her growth as a singer-songwriter.

A New Single

A year has passed since the release of “real growth takes time” and Sody has now released her hit single “B*tch (I Said It).” In her new single, Sody embraces her truth of speaking her mind and having no regrets. The chorus speaks for itself where she sings,

I know I said But I don’t regret it Cause you’re still so pathetic yeah I really meant it and I wish I could change you but I f*cking hate you and its time that some told you how it is B*tch.

You can stream her new song here. Dyson continues her musical journey, doing what she loves, and being honest and real while doing so.


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British Singer Songwriter Sody Is On The Rise