Bamily’s “Family With A B”

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                 Wherever Bamily goes, good times follow


Truly “Family With A B”

South London’s Bamily is made up of longtime friends Louis, Benjy, Tim, and Charlie. They began making music in their childhood home’s basements and then moved forward to their college dorm rooms. The group has made music together for over 7 years and has evolved more and more as a group each year. The bunch started off with Benjy on the drums and eventually progressed to using DJ decks instead for a more hip-hop feel. They take a pull from music like disco, hip hop, chillwave, and electronic. Their latest 2020 EP release, “Family With A B”, does not disappoint. In a recent interview, the group described the results of the album, “It’s a good expression of everything! It’s kind of about hanging about with your crew on a night out and that kind of feeling of euphoria when you’re with your nearest and dearest.” Bamily produces the music you need for a night out with your closest friends.

Modernized Singer-Songwriter

Bamily is proven to be able to use singer-songwriter lyrics and vocals and rewire them to produce groovier and sharper accents to their danceable beats. They incorporate exotic sampling and rooted knocks to create dreamy and euphoric vibrations. In their song “Together Whatever”, they sing “My crowd of people’s a flock of birds birds birds…” The repetition emphasizes lyrics that put you in your feels while still being held by joyful and crowd-pleasing beats. Bamily takes elementary singer-songwriter music and takes it to the next level. Their sets include sampling, DJing, and different software like Logic Pro. With the group’s modernized approach, their music has been consistent and will not let you down. Bamily is quickly on the rise, and they are not a group you want to miss.


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